How to Get Warmind Bits Fast in Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy

The third — and presumably last — Seraph Bunker is now open to Guardians on Io in Destiny 2. If you haven’t been keeping up with the Season of the Worthy, you might be looking at three bunkers to fully upgrade in order to get access to Rasputin’s exclusive weapons and cosmetics. But don’t worry — the task of upgrading the Seraph Bunkers and getting Warmind Bits is easier than it might seem, especially when you follow some simple tips to make things as efficient as possible.

Start With the Right Upgrades

This might seem obvious, but if you’re trying to upgrade a bunker as quickly as possible, you’ll want to focus on the upgrades on the far right. Don’t stop after the first rank, either. If you commit to spending Warmind Bits on all three tiers of cost-reduction upgrades, the rest of your work will be a lot easier. If you find that you need assistance in finishing Lost Sectors, it’s fine to unlock the Heavy Frames and Valkyries that will make that easier, but I’d still make sure to at least get the first tier out of the way immediately.

After you purchase the cost-reducing upgrades, your next target should be the ones that grant Warmind Bits for various other activities in Destiny 2. These will help you get additional Warmind Bits while playing activities you would be anyway. Each bunker’s upgrade works on different activities, so be sure to get them all as soon as you can.

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Focus on the Daily Bounties

Seraph Bunkers offer Weekly, Daily, and Repeatable Bounties. Like most other vendors, it’s worth grabbing the Weekly bounties at reset, since they’re tied to Seraph Tower and Legendary Lost Sector completions that you’ll already be doing. Rasputin’s Daily bounties are a little different, typically offering you a choice as to either targeting a specific kind of enemy or taking out Guardians with a certain weapon in the Crucible. It’s up to you which way to go, but regardless, these bounties are going to be your most reliable source of Warmind Bits. The Repeatable Bounties Rasputin offers just don’t reward enough Warmind Bits to make them worthwhile, though they can at least be completed passively, requiring only a certain number of kills with a specific weapon.

If you want to really max out your Warmind Bits generation, you can complete the Weekly and Daily Bounties with multiple characters. If you don’t regularly play multiple Guardians, even just knocking out the Dailies on an alt will go a long way towards speeding things up.

Don’t Forget About Triumphs

There are plenty of Triumphs that grant Warmind Bits as rewards, and many of them are quite simple to complete. Put on a full set of Seraph armor and you can get an easy 100 Warmind Bits for clearing a bunker, completing a Legendary Lost Sector, and successfully finishing a Seraph Tower event. Completing all three Legendary Lost Sectors on a location will grant you Warmind Bits, too, as will clearing all three Seraph Bunkers in a single day. Triumphs can, of course, only be redeemed once per account, but they’re worth knocking out for some bonus bits — and hey, doing so will get you closer to the seasonal title, too.


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