Destiny 2 Void Configuration Quest Guide – Arc & Void Configuration Solutions

Now that Destiny 2 players have their hands on the all new Outbreak Perfected, they’re out exploring the Heroic version of the Zero Hour mission. Completing the regular version unlocks the exotic pulse rifle. The Heroic version gives the catalyst for it. But poke around in that Heroic mission and you’ll find the Void Configuration exotic quest.

What Does the Void Configuration Reward?

No one knows just yet, but it’s likely an exotic ship. Players are still working on solving the quest. There are a few requirements that we do know of so far, however.

  • The item only spawns in the Heroic version of the mission..
  • If you go to orbit, you lose the quest.
  • You must have already completed the Heroic mission once.
  • Note: If you use a Destiny item manager, close it! This can cause the quest to disappear!

Void Configuration Exotic Quest Steps

Thanks to DontCallMeRyRy on /r/DestinyTheGame

0. Speak to the Drifter – Tower

Talk to the Drifter after completing the Heroic Zero Hour mission and he’ll ask you to pick something up for you the next time you go.

1. Pick Up The Void Configuration – Heroic Zero Hour Mission

When in the Heroic Zero Hour Mission, pause before the first light gate. Head to the left area on the side and pick up the orange telemetry. This will give you the Void Configuration exotic quest. (Located where jubummy is in the above image)

The Cryptarchs of the City agree that SIVA’s original purpose was benevolent-namely, nanotechnology designed to aid in the rapid construction of new human colonies on habitable planets outside our solar system. The SIVA crisis was an unfortunate aberration, to be sure, but a single catastrophe should not stop us from examining, exploring, and perhaps even building upon SIVA’s original utility. Since the arrival of the Light, one can easily imagine a powerful synergy between SIVA and the Light’s attendant elements. Imagine its capacity to build and repair! – from the journals of Master Rahool


1. Pick up the Blue Keycard – Heroic Zero Hour Mission

When you get to the area with the ship in the courtyard jump on top of the building, as high as you can go, and climb inside the air duct on the roof. You’ll immediately drop into a room with some blue crates. Underneath the stairs is a vent duct with the blue keycard at the end.

If that’s not clear enough, try this clip from Teawrex. Thanks to him for figuring these out. That’s also where we’re getting these screenshots from.

Now we’re onto the green keycard.

2. Pick up the Green Keycard – Heroic Zero Hour Mission

When you come upon the room above, head to the back left ledge. Activate the switch just in case, we don’t actually know if that’s important though. Head inside and you’ll find yourself in a room where you can go left or right. Go to the right and then turn around and look under the platform you were just standing on. The green keycard is inside.

Here’s another clip from Teawrex.

3. Pick up the Red Keycard – Heroic Zero Hour Mission

You’ll find the red keycard during your wall descent. Head out the tube right next to where you found the green keycard. Immediately turn left and scale the wall as far as you can. Eventually the wall will fall away to your left. Continue scaling the wall until you reach the above awning. Head inside, turn left, and the back right corner will have the final red keycard.

Here’s Teawrex getting it.

Each of these blue circles must be solved. Via Endercorps_Alpha.

5. Gather 49 SIVA Particulate – Cryptarch’s Vault

Once you have all of the keycards, something is activated in the Cryptarch’s Vault where you need to enter a specific sequence.

Thanks to ReaveSaturn on the Raid Secrets subreddit for figuring it out! We’ll be heavily quoting their massive guide here.

In short, the Vault has a total of eight rooms. But one of them is used to progress the story – the one with the hole in the ground – and isn’t relevant to this quest. There are three consoles, but apparently you only need to use two which the players refer to as Console One and Console Two.

You can do this with only two people if you’re very well coordinated, but it’s easier with three, and the easiest with a fourth person. What’s this fourth person for? You need to decipher the consoles which is done using a spreadsheet. So it’s much faster if one person is dedicated to doing so.

Here’s an image guide to help you relay information on the consoles:

Head to Console One. You’ll need to relay this information to your spreadsheet reader. Always go from left to right. For example, the above value would be “7-10.” After that, be ready just in case the runner needs help. At this point the spreadsheet reader will figure out what this code means. They’ll then inform your runner what color room to run to and what terminal to lock. The person at Console One should remain there if possible. You will need to do this 49 times. If you’re doing this with only two people, we recommend Console One be in charge of the green and white rooms.

Meanwhile someone will be at Console Two. After Console One has read out their numbers, do the same. If you’re doing this with only two people, we recommend Console Two be in charge of the blue and cyan rooms.

The runner just needs to move to the appropriate terminals and lock them. Here’s how ReaveSaturn describes it:

 It will sound something like this, “Red 4, that is the very front terminal”. This means that you run to the Red coloured room, and you “lock” the terminal that you first see when you walk in. Once you lock it, do not leave right away, make sure you watch it for a second to make sure it turns green.

If it flashes green, let everyone know they can move on. If it flashes red, try again! You have up to ten unlocks to undo mistakes. Just interact with the terminal again and it will unlock.

Once both of the appropriate terminals have been locked, both consoles should change to another value. Repeat this process!

Here’s the lowdown on what the spreadsheet reader will be doing. Better if we just let the person who designed it explain it.

Your goal is to listen for both of the Console Readers sequences. In the example we used “1-2”, and “2-3”. Because “1-2” was the first callout, from Console Reader #1, you need to press CTRL + F when in the spreadsheet I have provided. Type in the first callout in the format of “1-2” without the “”. Doing this will highlight something in the first column.

There are 5-6 duplicates in the spreadsheet, and this is where the second callout comes into play. When you find “1-2” in the list, you make sure in the second column beside the first number sequence, that the second set of numbers, “2-3”, is there. This confirms it is the correct terminal. The terminal and room colour will be on the left side of the spreadsheet, it is colour coded. It say, (example), “Red4”. Do not simply say “Red4” as most players are still very new and do not know the positioning of the numbers that match the terminals. Call out the exact position of the terminal as best as you can, using the same example that we had in the Runner section, this is what that looks like, “Red 4, that is the very front terminal”. Repeat this 49 times to unlock every terminal, and you will successfully complete the Void Configuration puzzle!

Here’s a link to said spreadsheet.

It’s worth noting that each successfully locked terminal adds 15 seconds to the mission timer. So if you operate effectively you shouldn’t need to worry about running out of time.

Complete it and you’ll get the Repair Schematics exotic quest for a new exotic ship! As we mentioned before, this is just the Void Configuration. There are still two more to go after this. We suspect it’ll be similar but with different keycards. What configuration is live is likely on a weekly rotation with the Destiny reset.

Oh, and this is also how you earn progress on your Outbreak Perfected Catalyst! Each one provides 33% completion. Hopefully it rounds up after 99%…

6. Arc Configuration

The Arc Configuration is located in the exact same place as the Void Configuration. We recommend using Console 2 and Console 3 this time around since they have the fewest duplicates.

You can find the required spreadsheet for deciphering the changed console puzzles here.

7. Solar Configuration

Same story this week! Complete the Solar Configuration with this spreadsheet and you’ll be rewarded with the SCRAP CF-717-91 exotic ship! Boy that sure is a ship, huh?

By the way, if you need help with the fire room, here are the paths for each week.


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  1. Actually because when we first get the catalyst we get 100 SIVA and that was 20%. The void configuration version only provides 67 SIVA particulate to make the 33%. Which means that the 67 SIVA is actually more like 13%.

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