Destiny 2 Twisted Energy Guide – How to Get Twisted Energy

The last season before Destiny 2’s fall expansion is live and it has us dipping our toes into utilizing The Darkness. Along with a new Exotic that fires Taken Blights, players will also get to decrypt Umbral Engrams via two new machines our old pal The Drifter built. Similar to the previous season, players can upgrade one of these machines (the Prismatic Recaster) with different passive perks that will give you additional rewards or benefits.

To level up this machine you will need Twisted Energy, which is a new resource available during Season of Arrivals. Unfortunately, getting this material is easier said than done as the quantity you’re allowed to farm is quite limited. Here’s a breakdown of how to get Twisted Energy and what it’s used for during the Season of Arrivals.

How to Get Twisted Energy

At the time of writing this, you can get Twisted Energy only from completing Weekly Seasonal Bounties or by leveling up the Season Pass. Your main method will be completing the two Weekly Bounties available at the Prismatic Recaster. Completing one rewards a total of 500 Twisted Energy, which is exactly the amount needed to level up the machine once. Remember, you can use your other characters to also complete these Weekly Bounties for a total of 3,000 Twisted Energy a week.

These bounties are pretty easy to complete, as they require you to just kill a lot of specific enemies or landing precision final blows. We recommend farming this week’s bounties at the Lost Sector in the Glacial Drift on Mars. Daily Bounties do not give Twisted Energy and you cannot obtain this material by completing other activities. This could change before the season is over, but for now, your main source are the Weekly Bounties.

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The other method for obtaining Twisted Energy is through ranking up your Season Pass. You can get a total of 1,500 Twisted Energy, but it will take a long time to get all of these resources.  We recommend just focusing on your bounties instead since after level 12 you will need to wait until level 92 for the next batch of Twisted Energy.

Once you actually have Twisted Energy, go back to The Drifter and inspect the Prismatic Recaster. You will then be able to deposit your Twisted Energy into the machine to level it up. After ranking up the Prismatic Recaster, you can go into the Gifts of Light & Dark tab to select your upgrade of choice. We recommend picking up the Umbral Mastery I, Contact Specialist I, and Umbral Discovery I upgrades first. These will give you some nice early benefits, especially if you are trying to acquire as many Umbral Engrams as possible.

Don’t expect to upgrade this machine right away, especially if you’re only playing on one character. However, since the rewards are tied directly to the Prismatic Recaster’s level, we do suggest you try to use alternate characters to at least finish the Weekly Bounties.


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