Destiny 2 Trivial Mysteries Guide – Where to Find 3 Trivial Mysteries

Destiny 2 Season of the Lost is here and we’re heading back to The Dreaming City. Acting as a prologue to The Witch Queen expansion, this season revolves around freeing Savathun from her worm god to save Osiris from her clutches. Along with a new seasonal activity, players can also obtain new armor, weapons, exotics, and in-game consumables. Unsurprisingly there are also a number of mysteries you need to acquire if you want to complete the weekly Ley Line Rumors challenge. This challenge tasks you with funding three Trivial Mysteries inside of the new Shattered Realm activity. Keep in mind, you need to unlock the Barrier Breach upgrade in the Wayfinder’s Compass first, otherwise, you cannot find the three mysteries. 

Trivial Mystery Locations

Trivial Mystery 1

Destiny 2 Trivial Mystery

When you arrive in the Shattered Realm head down towards the ruined church and align the beacon inside of it. You cannot unlock the Trivial Mystery nearby until the beacon is aligned. Once this is done, go outside of the church and run by the statues on your right towards the mausoleum. Kill the Taken guards outside before interacting with the Barrier Breach icon near the entrance. This will give you a debuff letting you enter the mausoleum.

Destiny 2 Trivial Mystery

Go down the cave until you reach an underground tunnel system. From here, go left, and then take the first right down the hall. You should see some Taken Thrall along with a chest you can open. This will complete the Entombed triumph and give you some loot.

Trivial Mystery 2

Destiny 2 Trivial Mystery

Exit the crypt and go back to the church entrance. By now some Taken enemies will have spawned, so kill all of them before continuing. Now stand between the statues with the church entrance to your back and head right up the hill. Run underneath the massive arch to reach a two-story area with some Taken enemies.

Destiny 2 Trivial Mystery

After all the foes are dispatched, go to the Barrier Breach totem on the second floor by the pillar (circled above). Interact with this and quickly go to the hole in the wall that’s blocked by the shield. Pass through it and hop down onto the floor below. You will then jump across onto a floating platform where the chest is and unlock it to complete your second Trivial Mystery. This will also finish the Twofold Ward triumph.

Trivial Mystery 3

Destiny 2 Trivial Mystery

Head back to the church and face the entrance. From this position, go to the right side of the church, and head towards the cliffside. You should see a raised piece of rubble creating a ramp to the otherside. Now scale the cliffs up to the ruined building.

Once again you will need to dispatch more Taken enemies, so escort them from the premises. Unlike the last Trivial Mystery, the Barrier Breach totem is hidden. While facing the building that’s blocked off, jump onto the edge of the rubble and climb onto the balcony. This may take a few times since your mobility is severely hindered in this location. Once you reach the first balcony, jump onto the railing and then use the height to reach the second balcony above. You should see the Barrier Breach totem right by the door, so activate it and jump through the floor to nab your third chest. Doing so will complete the Left Behind triumph.


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