Destiny 2 The Messenger Guide – How to Get It & God Rolls

Destiny 2’s Season of the Chosen is officially live, so grab your weapon of choice and get ready to face the Cabal horde. Revolving around stopping Emperor Calus’ daughter Caiatl from uniting the Cabal, players will need to take down various champions that are vying for a seat on her War Counsel. But who cares about all that, we’re here for the loot. If you hate yourself enough and decide to dive into Trials of Osiris, there are some new weapons for players to hunt. One of these is The Messenger, which is a returning weapon from the original Destiny. However, this variant is a definite upgrade, as it has some terrific perks and base stats. This makes it one of the best pulse rifles in the entire game and one you should definitely hunt for.

How to Get The Messenger

The Messenger can only be acquired by earning rewards in Trials of Osiris or opening Trials of Osiris packages. Every week, four pieces of loot are randomly chosen and awarded to players who manage to secure 3 wins, 5, wins, 7 wins, and going flawless for the week. Flawless simply means that you win seven games in a row on your current Trials of Osiris card without a single loss. Where The Messenger appears and when is random, so you’ll want to check each week to see if this gun is available. For those who don’t feel like braving the cheater-infested haven of Trials of Osiris, you can always wait until this is the 3 win award. This is slightly easier to achieve and allows you to just focus on completing the weekly Trials of Osiris bounties.

The Messenger God Rolls

The Messenger PVP God Roll

  • Smallbore or Hammer-Forged Rifling
  • Ricochet Rounds
  • Outlaw or Rapid Hit
  • Desperado

We’re going to start with the PVP roll for once since that’s what the majority of players will use this weapon for. The Messenger is an extremely potent pulse rifle, capable of swiftly killing enemies in only a couple of bursts. Many have taken to calling this Redrix 2.0, but I’d argue that The Messenger is even better thanks to its solid base stats and easy-to-use sight. If you’re hunting the god roll you’ll want either Smallbore or Hammer-Forged Rifling in the first slot to increase the weapon’s range. Both are terrific options and help extend this gun’s effective range. Adding to this stat, we also want Ricochet Rounds to increase the range and stability. Alternatively, High-Caliber Rounds is a solid choice, but I prefer the added stability from Ricochet Rounds.

Our first primary perk should either be Outlaw or Rapid Hit. Both of these perks combo perfectly with Desperado, which is the backbone of The Messenger god roll. Since we almost always want to trigger Desperado so we can quickly kill additional Guardians, both Outlaw and Rapid Hit allow us to reload following precision kills or damage. Personally, I prefer Outlaw since the reload speed will always be the same, but if you’re confident in your aim the Rapid Hit is a terrific option. As for the final perk, you literally only want Desperado since it’s absolutely devastating in every Crucible mode.

The Messenger PVE God Roll

  • Corkscrew Rifling
  • Appended Mag
  • Outlaw
  • Killclip or One For All

While I believe there are better PVE options if you’re determined to use The Messenger this is the roll you’ll want. Our barrel perk is Corkscrew Rifling which gives a nice mix of range, handling, and stability. Combine this with Appended Mag for extra rounds in the magazine without any penalities to our reload speed. That being said, if you do manage to get a roll with Outlaw then Extended Mag can typically subvert any type of reload penalty. Speaking of, our first primary perk is Outlaw since it just helps us reload the gun faster, which has always been a benefit in PVE endgame activities. There’s a reason this is one of the most beloved PVE perks since Destiny 2’s release.

As for our final perk, we are looking for either Killclip or One For All. The former synergizes wonderfully with Outlaw and will give us a flat damage boost for a brief period of time after we reload following a kill. However, this can be trickier in higher Power tiers like Master or Grandmaster. If you’re looking to bring this weapon into those types of activities, you’ll want One For All instead. This lets you consistently trigger a nice damage boost for The Messenger without relying on reloading. Both are terrific, but I personally prefer One For All.