Destiny 2 The Lie Quest Guide – How to Get Felwinter’s Lie

Hot off the heels of Guardian Games, a new quest for Destiny 2 appeared on Mars today. Similar to the Season of the Dawn Fractaline quest, The Lie asks the entire Destiny community to complete hundreds of thousands of Seraph Tower events. While only the first step is currently available, we do have a general idea of what to expect thanks to the Destiny 2 data miner Ginsor.

We also know that the weapon at the end of this will be the Felwinter’s Lie shotgun thanks to This weapon is tied to the completion of The Lie quest, so make sure to help out the community so you can get this gun faster. Here’s everything we know so far about the quest steps and what you need to do to unlock Felwinter’s Lie:

(Author’s Note: The last step of this quest is bugged and has been confirmed to be an issue by Bungie. They stated that they will investigate the issue in the morning.)

The Lie Quest Steps

1. 9 Million Seraph Tower Public Events on the Moon, Io, and EDZ

Rasputin wants closer look at how Guardians work. Help him set up a network of defenses. Complete public events as a community on three destinations: EDZ, Moon, and Io.

The first step of this quest involves the entire Destiny 2 community, so do not worry about having to do it all by yourself. For this event, as a collective we will need to finish 3 million Moon, Io, and EDZ Seraph Tower Public Events to make any progress towards this mission. Thankfully, Bungie clarified how progress is made in this quest, as it counts the individual Guardians participating – not the activity itself. So if three players beat the Seraph Tower event, they will add 3 points to the 9 million needed.

There’s no saying when this will be completed, but knowing the Destiny 2 Community we don’t expect this part to last more than a few days. If you still need the Flawless Seraph Tower triumph for the Almighty title now is the time to do it. Everyone will be participating in these events, so just work together and this portion of the quest will eventually be finished. There’s no real way to speed this section up and other Public Events will not reward any progress towards this step. Once the community completes 9 million Seraph Tower event, head back to Mars and speak to Ana Brey.

(Author’s Note: Beyond this point we are simply going off the data mine info. It’s possible that Bungie could either change or alter them before they unlock. We will update this guide as more info on The Lie quest is revealed.)

2. Visit Vostok

The next major step involves us investigating energy signature somewhere on the Vostok map from the Crucible. Open up the EDZ map and select the quest in the bottom left corner. When you arrive you’ll need to find three items and scan them for some lore entries. The first is should be right near you on the right, the second on the overhang by where the C control point spawns, and the final entry is adjacent to where the B control point spawns to the side of the cave entrance. After scanning all three you will complete this step.

3. Get 1,000 Shotgun Kills

Did you really think you were going to escape the grind? The fourth step of The Lie tasks players with getting either PVE or PVP shotgun kills. Ginsor states we will need a thousand, however, we suspect that shotgun kills in the Crucible will make significantly more progress than against normal enemies. For this part, consider using the Tractor Cannon, as it’s more than capable of wiping out hordes of enemies with ease. You’ll also want to throw on an Energy or Kinetic shotgun so you aren’t reliant on Heavy.

We recommend running either Escalation Protocol or the Blind Well since both activities have a high concentration of low tier enemies. Alternatively, you could just grind the opening portion of the Shuro Chi encounter in The Last Wish raid. Since you can put down a Raid Banner to refill your ammo, you can consistently farm this portion with little issue. Once you complete this step, go visit the bunker on the Moon.

4. Investigate One of Rasputin’s Closest-held Secret

The last step of The Lie is currently unknown, as triggering the quest sends you back to the Moon starting zone. Community Manager Dmg confirmed that this is a bug and they will investigate this issue in the morning. Unfortunately, there is no secret quest like many believed, so it looks like you’ll need to wait for now.


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