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Destiny 2 The Forward Path Guide – How to Get The Forward Path & the God Roll

Destiny 2’s Season of Arrivals first Iron Banner event has begun and there are two returning weapons you can grind for. Both the Fool’s Remedy sidearm and The Forward Path auto rifle are now in the Iron Banner loot pool with new perks. These two guns can also drop with the exclusive Iron Gaze or Iron Grip, both of which give huge benefits at the cost of reducing the effectiveness of another stat. With auto rifles still highly popular in both PVE and PVP activities, it’s time to look under the hood to see what the best rolls for The Forward Path are.

Keep in mind, because this auto rifle has surprisingly solid PVE and PVP perks, we will be including, what we believe, is the god roll for both. This isn’t to say other rolls won’t work for your specific build, but if you want to optimize the weapon’s performance here’s what we suggest.

How to Get The Forward Path

The Forward Path is tied to Iron Banner, meaning you can only acquire this weapon during this week-long event. Fortunately, Iron Banner typically appears 3-4 times throughout the season, so you will have ample opportunities to farm for this gun. However, to get it to actually appear in the loot pool you’ll need to complete the very short Iron Banner quest given out by Lord Saladin. This quest just asks you to get 25 auto rifle and 25 sidearm kills in Iron Banner. Given that’s all anyone is using at the moment, you should have no trouble achieving this.

Once the quest is completed, Saladin will give you a free The Forward Path and Fool’s Remedy, along with allowing you to turn in Iron Banner Tokens for Iron Banner gear. You will now have a chance to receive this gun as a reward after a match or from turning in Iron Banner Tokens to Lord Saladin. It takes 20 to get an engram package from Lord Saladin, so this will take a bit of time to grind for. Just remember, you have multiple opportunities throughout the season, so don’t burn yourself out in one sitting!

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The Forward Path God Rolls

The Forward Path PVP God Roll

  • Red Dot 2 MOA
  • Accurized Rounds
  • Dynamic Sway Reduction
  • Iron Gaze or Tap the Trigger

The Forward Path is a 600 RPM Kinetic auto rifle that absolutely shreds anyone in its path. While it’s not the best PVP auto rifle in the current meta, it’s a solid choice for anyone wanting to run an energy weapon like Mindbender’s Ambition or Beloved. In the first slot, we are going with Red Dot 2 MOA for an increase to the range, zoom, and handling. Then I also recommend using Accurized Rounds to further increase the gun’s effective range. Auto rifle’s biggest weakness is their ineffectiveness at distance fighting, so anything we can do to reduce this issue is key – especially in PVP.

Our first main perk is Dynamic Sway Reduction which got a big buff recently, making it an absolute powerhouse and must-have for auto rifles. If you are hunting for a god roll it definitely needs this perk, as it helps turn this rifle into a laser at close to medium range engagements. As for the last perk, we have a bit of flexibility that will depend entirely on your playstyle and preference. Iron Gaze is a perk I feel only console players will care about as it vastly improves the aim assistance of the gun. This does come at a rather large decrease to the range, so it’s only worth using if you’re having trouble actually hitting people on the move.

Inversely, Iron Gaze boosts the stability by a staggering 20 points at the cost of reload speed, which is totally fine. Unless you plan on running into the chaos to fight everyone at once, having a longer reload isn’t that detrimental. If you can’t stand the slow reload speed, then aim for Tap the Trigger as it will offer a nice boost of stability during your opening salvo of bullets.

The Forward Path PVE God Roll

  • Red Dot Micro
  • Tactical Mag
  • Feeding Frenzy
  • Multikill Clip

The PVE roll is far more straightforward than the PVP version of this gun. For your first slot, I suggest using Red Dot Micro for a boost to handling and range. Tactical Mag will give us more bullets in the clip along with boosting are stability and reload speed which is always welcomed. You can use Appended Mag here, but I prefer the Tactical Mag simply because of that stability increase.

Our first main perk is Feeding Frenzy, which will increase the reload speed after rapid kills. It’s a solid perk that works wonders on 600 RPM auto rifles like The Forward Path. We will be pairing this with Multikill Clip to give us a nice damage bonus every time we reload. These two perks gave always been disgustingly strong together, giving you a superb mix of faster reload speeds and more killing potential. If you don’t like Multikill Clip then Fourth Time’s the Charm is also a strong PVE contender, especially with a gun that has a rather large magazine size.

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