Destiny 2 Spoils of War Guide — Werner 99-40 Bounty, Lost Treasure

Spoils of War is a quest you can get from either Werner 99-40 or Benedict 99-40 this week in Destiny 2. It’s not a particularly difficult quest to complete, but it feels very grindy compared to some of the other tasks that you’ve been asked to do to get Calus’ attention. Want to know the quickest way to get this weekly done before it resets? Strap in.

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Destiny 2 Spoils of War — Lost Treasures

First, you’re going to have to visit the Tower Annex to pick up the bounty from Benedict 99-40, or the Imperial Barge if Werner is more your cup of tea. As part of this quest, both of these precious boys will ask you to collect a bunch of Lost Treasure — there’s no confirmed specific number, but you can get these Treasures from killing enemies once you’ve picked up the bounty. These Treasures are finicky. The chance of them spawning is unfortunately random, and they won’t be visible when you’re viewing your inventory. Make sure that you’re checking back often on your Pursuits to track your percentage progress on the Spoils of War quest specifically while you’re rampaging around putting bullets into things.

One important thing to note: you don’t have to be the one who lands a killing blow on an enemy for them to drop a Lost Treasure for you. Throw together a group of mates and have them massacre up a storm for you while you sip tea and occasionally wander around plucking Lost Treasures off the ground. You might not be popular, but it’ll still get the job done for you eventually because being close to enemies kicking the bucket is what counts.

That being said, grinding this quest out with a Fireteam is probably the most effective way to get this done, though your individual mileage will vary. It’s quantity over quality in terms of enemies because of the RNG, so it’s smart to take a group into the Menagerie with you or to even take on Crown of Sorrows if you’re feeling up to it. Public events are also a good way to farm these Treasures. You’ll be able to mow through more enemies in a group, thus improving your chances of the Lost Treasures dropping. Try farming events on Nessus and Trostland to up your body count and the odds of acquiring these shinies. The only real strategy here is to persevere at this until you’ve got it completed. Unfortunately, there aren’t any shortcuts.

Destiny 2 Spoils of War Rewards

Once you’ve held as many Lost Treasures as you can fit in your grubby little hands, turning in Spoils of War will give you three rewards. These rewards are: instructions on how to get to a Powerful Gear engram, a Puny Purse of Imperials, and a Legendary Rune. Players wanting to make the most of their Chalice will be heartened by the fact that Daddy Destiny 2 is handing out some Imperials to us starving orphans, but make sure that you do the other weekly quests to keep your gear on lock. Check out our Menagerie guide if you’re wanting a helping hand with what’s arguably the fastest way to farm these Lost Treasures.


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