Is Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes Event Worth the Grind?

Solstice of Heroes is the latest event in Destiny 2 and it’s all about earning a gorgeous set of armor for each of the three classes. Similar to last year’s event, players will arrive in The Tower and be given a set of gear that has a checklist of tasks that need to be completed. Doing so will allow players to upgrade their gear which alters its appearance completely. From here, players can either complete a lengthier list of missions to obtain the white glow for this armor or just purchase the Universal Ornament version of this armor set.

The latter allows you to wear this glowing armor on whatever piece of gear you want, which is a stark contrast to last year’s version of this event. However, with such a grind ahead of players one has to wonder if the Solstice of Heroes event is even worth it. Here’s what you need to know and whether you should skip or join Destiny 2’s latest celebration.

Is Solstice of Heroes Worth It?

This question will entirely depend on whether you like the new armor sets (See Above) and your tolerance for completing easy, but mindless quest steps. There are no new weapons, exotics, or additional gear you can earn just by playing outside of the cosmetic options from Eververse. Keep in mind, the glowing version of the armor is only available to purchase for Brightdust or Silver after you upgrade the Solstice Renewed gear. Once this happens you receive the legendary tier items, you can buy the Universal Ornament which works on any piece of armor in Destiny 2.

Upgrading the rare tier gear to legendary is pretty simple and something you can easily achieve throughout the month while the event is active. Furthermore, it appears that once you finish upgrading one set of armor to legendary, your progress rate is doubled for the next class you work on. Because of this, I recommend at least achieving the legendary gear on each of your Guardians since it’s not too much of a grind. However, there’s really no reason to complete the magnificent armor unless you specifically want the white glow or need to complete the triumphs for the MMXX Title. 

Personally, I really like the stats and rolls for my PVE armor set so I don’t see a reason to add another three sets of armor that will collect dust in my fault. Obviously, this situation will be different for everyone, so if you don’t have a nice set of armor than it might be worth grinding. But if you’re looking for a reason to hop back into Destiny 2, this is not going to be the event for you. This is especially true if you played the Solstice of Heroes event last year, as the entire EAZ hasn’t changed at all. There’s almost nothing new to actually do besides the new armor quests, so lower your expectations going in.

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Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes event is live until September 8th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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