Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals Silver Exclusive Eververse Guide

Each new Destiny 2 season comes with a variety of new cosmetics including emotes, finishers, and various ornaments. But which of these will have their day on the store for Bright Dust and which ones will remain Silver exclusive? Bungie has released the complete list for Season of Arrivals so here’s a look at all of the real money purchases and some quick thoughts on each!

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Titan Exclusive Gear

This time around Bungie has a Hallowfire Heart ornament for Titans which makes it look like a jetpack of some sorts. Their seasonal finisher is Captain America-esque with the Titan reaching back and slamming an enemy with their Void shield.

  • Arcturus Engine Ornament for Hallowfire Heart (Above)
  • Bulwark Hurl Finisher (Below)

Recommended Purchases: Both of these are pretty good, we’re not going to lie. If you’re a Titan main, feel comfortable picking up what you like.

Hunter Exclusive Gear

Hrafnagud is off-putting. It makes me upset. There I said it. Those eyes just are entirely too unsettling but that’s probably the point. The Slice and Dice finisher simply has the Hunter leap back, pull out two daggers and than cleave an enemy upward.

  • Hrafnagud Ornament for Celestial Nighthawk (Above)
  • Slice and Dice Finisher (Below)

Recommended Purchases: The finisher is pretty tame to be honest, so we’d stick with the helmet ornament.

Warlock Exclusive Gear

If you don’t already have enough Vex themed armor in your collection you can now pick up the Path to Convergence ornament for Transversive Steps. One of the best finishers this season is the Nova Pulse where your Warlock reaches over their head and builds up a small nova bomb before dropping it onto a nearby foe.

  • Path to Convergence Ornament for Transversive Steps (Above)
  • Nova Pulse Finisher (Below)

Recommended Purchases: Warlock legs are frequently obscured by robes so we’re going with the finisher here. I can’t wait to dunk miniature nova bombs on my enemies.

Universal Gear

The rest of these can be equipped no matter which class you play as!

Weapon Ornaments

Only one of the new weapon ornaments is Silver exclusive: Ahead of Its Time. If you’re looking for a new Wardcliff Coil appearance maybe this one is for you.


There are three global emotes. In Set and Spike you blast a mote of void energy into an enemy like you would a volleyball. Aerial Snap Kick makes your guardian toss up a mote like you would a self-pitched baseball before they jump up and side kick it. And finally, with Overhead Heel Crush you do a backflip and crush your enemies with the backs of your feet.


Just two this time around! Leggy Dance and Victory Shout.

Ghost Projections

If, for some reason, you really want your ghost to display the depository from the Contact public event, you can buy that for real world money.

Recommend Purchases: The Overhead Heel Crush is the clear victor here.

We’ve included images of each of the items below for your convenience so you can quickly identify them when they’re available in the Eververse store!


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