Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals Bugs – 7 Glitches You May Be Experiencing

Expectations are high at the moment with Bungie going so in depth with its plans for Destiny 2 over the next year or so. Some of these systems were added alongside the Season of Arrivals launch and patch. However, they didn’t arrive without some bugs and glitches that you may be experiencing. Keep in mind that not all of these will affect every single player, but they seem prevalent enough to be an issue for many.

Sprint Bug

Many players think this issue has something to do with Bungie adding a plethora of customizable options for those using controllers. Since the last update, players have noticed their sprints cancelling randomly when playing. This may be due to the reduced sensitivity to sprint, but there’s another issue at here. Normally when you press sprint while already sprinting, you continue to sprint. Right now there’s a bug where hitting sprint while sprinting actually cancels the action. It’s basically functioning as a toggle rather than an activation.

Bungie has acknowledged the issue and says it will be fixed with Hotfix

Stormcaller Bug

Warlock players are currently reporting an issue where Stormcallers need to wait nearly three seconds before being able to shoot bolts of electricity. This is obviously not the norm and puts the subclass at a whole at a disadvantage while Bungie investigates.

Bungie is currently investigating this bug.

Witherhoard Glitch

If you get a full fireteam of Guardians using Witherhoard, it’s currently possible to defeat raid bosses in just a few seconds. This is obviously not intended and we don’t completely understand the interaction, but Bungie says it will absolutely be fixed and to enjoy it while it lasts.

Bungie is currently investigating this bug.

Destiny 2 Umbral Engrams

Umbral Enhancement II Bug

There’s currently some talk around the Destiny subreddit regarding the Umbral Enhancement II upgrade for the Prismatic Recaster. This perk is supposed to help you progress faster and automatically deposit your Twisted Energy, but some are reporting that it isn’t giving credit for the full amount. Some claim that it’s reducing their progress by up to 50 percent.

This is particularly a problem because you need to unlock every perk on a given row before the game will let you jump to the next one.

Fixed as of June 16, 2020.

Seasonal Artifact Mods Bug

If you’ve played a lot since the Season of Arrivals launch, you may have a bunch of the artifact unlocked. Sadly, two of the armor mods aren’t currently working. Right now Guardian Angel and Breach Resonator do not work when slotted.

Bungie has acknowledged the issue and says it will be fixed with Hotfix

Full Engram Inventory Progress Bug

Players who manage to fill their engram inventory with Umbral Engrams may find themselves blocked from story progression. During the intro steps of the Season of Arrivals quest, the Drifter gives you an Umbral Engram to decode. If you don’t have room, you both can’t accept his engram and can’t decode the Umbrel Engrams you have. The only current solution is to run an alternate character through the intro quests to unlock the decoder.

Bungie has acknowledged the issue and says it will be fixed with Hotfix

Heroic Contact Public Event Blooms Glitch

If you’re currently grinding the Contact public event, there’s currently a glitch where you can duplicate blooms to quicken your progress. Just press the weapon swap button right as you deposit the orb.

Bungie has not yet acknowledged this glitch.

That’s all of the major bugs and glitches we’re aware of right now. Know of something that should be included? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. All of the forerunner seal triumph glitches.
    For example the seal says 21 total triumphs required, there are only 15 triumphs if you inspect the seal.
    Contact heavy hitters only checks the box for monstrosity.
    1 of the advanced umbral triumphs doesn’t unlock, even though i did all different engrams multiple times.
    The gambit reset and crucible reset triumph doesn’t unlock.
    And there are probably more…

  2. This is in regards to the weekly “Wavelength” quest that has you return to the prismatic recaster(talk to drifter). It will not allow you to hit accept on a second character after completing it on your main. Several people have experienced this as well.

  3. I’m stuck at ‘complete contact’ on the ‘In the face of darkness’ quest. I’ve gotten all the way up to that point with two characters. Not being given credit for completing the event on IO on either character. Am I missing something or is it part of the glitch? All the enemies are immune also.

  4. Not sure what you’re experiencing Jeremy, but I have definitely gotten Pinnacles after Gambit, Crucible and Nightfalls; 2 of my last 3 were even exotics, +4 of my light level. Sweet.

  5. Flashpoints, Strikes, Crucible, Gambit and Nightfall is glitched out. You can’t recieve Pinnacle gear after completing these. Does not give a option

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