Destiny 2 Season 13 Week 5 Challenges Tips Guide

One of the big changes for Destiny 2’s new Season of the Chosen is the replacement of weekly vendor bounties. Instead, your quests tab has a new hub for new Seasonal Challenges. For the first ten weeks of each season, Bungie will be adding new weekly quests via this new system in an effort to make up for the lost XP and Bright Dust rewards. In this guide, we’ll be looking at the Destiny 2 Season 13, Week 5 challenges and offering some tips for fast completion.

How Do These New Challenges Work?

The new weekly challenges work about how you’d expect them to. Each week, Bungie will be adding more though there won’t be a specific number of challenges each time. You have until the end of the season to complete them, so no worries if you’re not keeping up with the progression as you go. In fact, waiting makes it a bit easier to complete the whole thing faster as you can earn progress across multiple challenges at once.

Completion Tips

For the fastest possible completion, we recommend completing the playlist requirements first.

  • Play Gambit as triple Infamy is live this week! It’s also a great time to grind other Gambit challenges.
  • Masterwork a piece of armor you really like or a class item if you don’t normally Masterwork things.
  • Grind using grenade launchers and a grenade centric build to get Salvager’s Salvo faster.
  • Play Nightfall: The Ordeal and make sure to contribute to every Champion kill.
  • Complete Presage three times total. Maximum of one per week to earn a lore book.

Destiny 2 Season 13 Week 5 Challenges

Contender’s Ascent IV

Report to the War Table in the HELM and complete the Challenger’s Proving V quest. Then defeat Cabal using Sniper Rifles

Rewards: XP, Empress Lore Chapter, Large War Table Reputation

Good news. This week’s Contender’s Ascent quest isn’t nearly as long. We’re back to the usual process. Gather at least 42 Cabal Gold, slot that rune, and pillage a chest at the end of a Battlegrounds run. There is a small event after this however, as you address a security breach with Osiris and Crow.

Golden Reaper

Acquire 500 Cabal Gold by playing strikes, Gambit, Crucible, public events, and more.

Rewards: XP, Large War Table Reputation

As per our guide, Cabal Gold is earned by completing various activities. We recommend completing Heroic Public Events if you’re specifically grinding for this challenge. Completing one with the Heroic modifier will reward eight Cabal Gold. Given how fast these can be completed, you can easily earn quite a bit in just under 30 minutes.

Otherwise, you’ll likely earn a big chunk of the 500 Cabal Gold simply by completing the other challenges here. At least it’s retroactive so any progress you’ve earned so far has already counted.

Graven Scrawl

Investigate three cryptic notes left in the captain’s log.

Rewards: XP

While this may be confusing at first, if you look at your triumphs it’ll make a lot more sense. The Bound in Memory triumph has 12 different lore book entries. You should have gotten your first one after running Presage for your first random rolled Dead Man’s Tale. This challenge is asking you to gather at least three of these lore books during the season. As a reminder, you can only get one lore book per week, so don’t wait too long!

Lenses in Focus

Go to the Prismatic Recaster and discover how to unlock five more lenses.

Rewards: XP

The only actual requirement for this challenge is to have five more Prismatic Recaster lenses than you started with. If you’ve been keeping up with these challenges, you almost certainly do already.

Destiny 2 Gauntlets Chosen IB Quest

Apex Armorer

Masterwork a piece of armor.

Rewards: XP, Bright Dust

Assuming you have the resources, this one is easy, but it will chew up your valuable materials. We recommend Masterworking a class item if you haven’t already since these aren’t reliant on rolls like regular armor is.

Salvager’s Salvo Armament

Acquire the Seasonal Ritual weapon.

Rewards: 4x XP, Bright Dust

No way to cheat your way through this one. You’ll have to complete the Messy Business quest. It requires lots of points earned in Crucible, Gambit, or strike playlists with bonus progress for kills with grenades and grenade launchers. It’s a grind. There’s another bar which requires 120 matches of Crucible, Gambit, or strikes with bonus progress for wins or Nightfall completions.

In It For Infamy

Earn five Infamy ranks in Gambit

Rewards: 4x XP, Bright Dust

Now is a great time to earn this one as Bungie has enabled triple Infamy this week!

Ultimate Champion

Defeat 60 Champions in any Nightfall: The Ordeal strikes. Earn bonus progress at higher difficulty tiers.

Rewards: 4x XP, Bright Dust

No way to cheat this one. Hop into Nightfall: The Ordeal and get grinding! Try to at least get a hit on each Champion to see if you can get progress despite not landing the final blow. It’ll suck if only the final blow matters, but at this point we’re used to competing I suppose.