Destiny 2 Season 13 Week 4 Challenges Tips Guide

One of the big changes for Destiny 2’s new Season of the Chosen is the replacement of weekly vendor bounties. Instead, your quests tab has a new hub for new Seasonal Challenges. For the first ten weeks of each season, Bungie will be adding new weekly quests via this new system in an effort to make up for the lost XP and Bright Dust rewards. In this guide, we’ll be looking at the Destiny 2 Season 13, Week 4 challenges and offering some tips for fast completion.

How Do These New Challenges Work?

The new weekly challenges work about how you’d expect them to. Each week, Bungie will be adding more though there won’t be a specific number of challenges each time. You have until the end of the season to complete them, so no worries if you’re not keeping up with the progression as you go. In fact, waiting makes it a bit easier to complete the whole thing faster as you can earn progress across multiple challenges at once.

Completion Tips

For the fastest possible completion, we recommend completing the playlist requirements first.

  • Complete the Contender’s Ascent IV challenge first as it’s a long one and will likely help you earn progress on other challenges.
  • Grind Battlegrounds, making sure Ghost isn’t interrupted in at least two and getting 45 grenade kills.
  • Complete a Legend Lost Sector.
  • Don’t grind for Prime Engrams, just play as you normally would.
  • Play Gambit, targeting powerful enemies.
  • Complete matches in competitive Crucible (currently Survival).
  • Run three Nightfall: The Ordeal strikes on Hero difficulty.

Contender’s Ascent IV

Report to the War Table in the HELM and complete the Challenger’s Proving IV quest. Then defeat Cabal using Sniper Rifles

Rewards: XP, Empress Lore Chapter, Medium War Table Reputation, Far Future Sniper Rifle

With no new Battlegrounds map this week, Bungie has given us a longer undertaking to complete. It starts off the same: get 42 Cabal Gold, socket a medallion into the hammer, complete a Battlegrounds, and smash open the chest at the end.

After you’re done, talk to Crow at the HELM. He’ll dispatch you to Europa where you need to defeat Vex in Asterion Abyss with precision final blows speeding up the process. That’s not all though. After that, head on over to the Perdition Lost Sector in Cadmus Ridge on Europa and complete that. Don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be a Legendary/Master Lost Sector.

All-in-all, this isn’t exactly a short quest. You’ll also need to clear The Pit Lost Sector on the EDZ and defeat at least 20 combatants inside. The next quest step involves defeating Cabal in the EDZ with rocket launchers, grenade launchers, or grenades.

Finally, you need to complete the Skydock IV Lost Sector in the Sunken Isles on the EDZ before returning to Crow at the HELM.

Golden Reaper

Acquire 400 Cabal Gold by playing strikes, Gambit, Crucible, public events, and more.

Rewards: XP, Medium War Table Reputation

As per our guide, Cabal Gold is earned by completing various activities. We recommend completing Heroic Public Events if you’re specifically grinding for this challenge. Completing one with the Heroic modifier will reward eight Cabal Gold. Given how fast these can be completed, you can easily earn quite a bit in just under 30 minutes.

Otherwise, you’ll likely earn a big chunk of the 400 Cabal Gold simply by completing the other challenges here. At least it’s retroactive so any progress you’ve earned so far has already counted.

Intruder Alert

Don’t allow opponents to interrupt Ghost two times in Battlegrounds missions.

Rewards: XP

Play Battlegrounds and focus on staying right next to Ghost rather than jumping all over the place. It’s easy to let enemies by if you wonder off, especially in a game mode where Ghost getting interrupted doesn’t really set you back all that much.

Explosive Entrance

Defeat 10 Champions and get 45 grenade takedowns in Battlegrounds

Rewards: XP, Medium War Table Reputation

Just play Battlegrounds and use your grenade ability as much as possible. Be sure to use a grenade which actually eliminates enemies rather than Stasis grenades like Duskfield as those often will not count.

Contender’s Delve

Complete a Lost Sector on Legend or higher.

Rewards: XP, Bright Dust

Check around the solar system (particularly the Moon and Europa) for the current day’s Legend or Master Lost Sector. These currently have a recommended power of 1300, so hopefully you’re all powered up for that. Take note of the difficulty modifiers. In the example above you’ll need to be prepared for Match Game alongside Barrier and Overload champions.

Challenger’s Cipher

Decrypt five Prime Engrams.

Rewards: XP, Bright Dust

No way to cheat your way through this one. Either wait for Prime Engrams to randomly drop or head on out and complete the weekly bounty challenges for Vanguard, Crucible, etc.

Sling the Stone…

Stagger, pierce, or disrupt 30 Champions.

Rewards: Double XP, Bright Dust

You can complete this either in Battlegrounds or via Nightfall: The Ordeal. Completely up to you! Just make sure to bring the correct mods.

High-Value Hunter

Defeat 75 powerful combatants in Gambit. Earn bonus progress for defeating high-value targets.

Rewards: Double XP, Bright Dust

Gambit is full of powerful combatants. They’re the ones with the yellow health bars. Just keep playing and you’ll earn this in no time.

Cadre of Contenders

Complete 15 Crucible matches in the Competitive playlist.

Rewards: Double XP, Bright Dust

While Crucible has split up the game modes, the Competitive playlist is the one that awards Glory. In the current week this is Survival. Hope you’re prepared for some sweaty matches!

Vanguard Chosen

Complete any three Nightfall: The Ordeal strikes on Hero difficulty or higher.

Rewards: Double XP, Bright Dust

This is an easy enough task for everyone who has played some of the current season. The Hero difficulty is the final one which is matchmade so you don’t have to go find two other friends to play with either.


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