Destiny 2 Savathun Marionettes Farm Guide – Where to Find Marionettes

So it turns out the Darkness isn’t keen on invading one planet at a time. Destiny 2 players awoke this morning to discover that the Ruinous Effigy quest was now live. This exotic trace rifle was teased during the promotional footage for Season of Arrivals and players can finally hunt it down. While the quest itself isn’t too long, it will require you to do some good old fashion enemy farming. On the step “Pendulum,” players will need to hunt down 25 Calcified Light pieces and kill 15 Taken Savathun Marionettes. While the former is rather easy and should only take around 20 minutes, the other is a bit of a slog if you don’t know where to farm.

Savathun Marionette Farm Location

Far and away, the best place I found to farm Savathun Marionettes is The Rig patrol zone on Titan. These enemies will spawn during one of three different world events, which makes their spawn rate much higher than the Contact Public Event. Marionettes are Taken Champions and will only spawn during patrol zone world events, so it’s critical you keep an eye on the bottom left corner of the screen.

The first event they spawn in is when several Taken Blights appear throughout The Rig. This signals that a large Taken Ogre and one of Savathun’s Marionettes have appeared. They are always wandering around together and typically stick to the back end of The Rig. When you see the blights appear, hop on your Sparrow and scour the area until you find them. Then just nuke the marionette to make progress towards your quest.

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Another world event they appear in is when Taken Disruptors appear. There are two versions of this and completing it will automatically spawn a single marionette for you to slaughter. One variation will require you to bring to Taken Knights close so their shield drops and they can be killed. Another simply removes around destroying Taken Blights to lower the shield on a large Taken Cabal enemy. Experienced players will recognize these as mini versions of the Contact Public Event bosses that have been appearing since the season began.

Finally, a Savathun Marionette will appear when the enemy moves against one another. This event sees the Fallen and Taken battling it out in a set location. During this event, focus on killing the Taken enemies and keep wiping out their forces until a marionette appears. Only one will arrive per event, so once it’s dead you can leave and go focus on other tasks. This event doesn’t appear with the same regularity as the other two, but you should still keep an eye out for it.

Personally, I found this area the best location since it’s smaller than the other patrol zones. This makes it easier to locate Savathun Marionettes when they spawn and you won’t need to worry about others trying to complete the Public Event. It will take some time, regardless if you farm this area or somewhere on Io, so don’t expect this step to just fly by. Thankfully, it’s still pretty simple, if a little too time-consuming.


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