Destiny 2 Recon Data Guide – How to Get Recon Data for Crow

Destiny 2’s Season of the Hunt has officially begun, so it’s time to join Spider, Osiris, and Uldren Sov (now called the Crow) as they battle against the Hive’s corruptive forces. Taking a cue from the Monster Hunter franchise, players will need to construct lures, attack, track, and kill various enemies infesting the Tangled Shore. But that’s easier said than done, as you will need to actually charge the lure’s Crow gives you to draw out these foes. While you can earn rewards right away, the quality of your drops will vastly improve as you obtain more Recon Data. Like Altered Energy, Recon Data is tied to the season and is what you’ll use to level up Crow to earn engrams. Unlike Altered Energy, this is not as easy to come by right away.

How to Get Recon Data

Currently, the only way to earn Recon Data is by completing Wrathborn Hunts on either the Tangled Shore or Dreaming City. Completing a Wrathborn Hunt will reward you with 5 Recon Data if you select any weapon or armor item as your reward. However, some of the hunts will reward additional Recon Data upon completion at the cost of not earning a gear piece. You can check what each lure reward his by highlighting the Prey Mod and looking at the Package Contents. Beating a Wrathborn Hunt with the Recon Data as a reward will net you 17 instead of 5, which is almost a full rank for Crow.

I recommend focusing on obtaining Recon Data before you farm any other gear pieces. This will let you level up Crow, so you can earn additional modifications for your Cryptolith Lure. While it’s not confirmed yet, I suspect as you unlock more aspects of this lure you’ll have additional ways to earn this data. Unfortunately, none of Crow’s bounties will reward Recon Data and this isn’t given out at the end of playlist activities. You can earn a total of 30 Recon Data by hitting Ranks 2 and 12 in the Season Pass. But for most of you, this rank will have already passed so you’ll be entirely relying on the Wrathborn Hunts.

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Once you have a lure, go to the Tangled Shore and spike the lure into the designated spot. This will summon a boss that you need to weaken. When the boss is down to about a quarter of health, it will run forcing you to follow its trail of green Hive ooze. After finding its lair, you will need to kill that and another boss before you complete this mission and earn any rewards it drops. Remember, you will want to partake in these hunts as they unlock new Trophies which can help determine what perks and stats the gun drops with. It’s a nice system that alleviates some of the tedious grind — especially since it takes about a half-hour to charge a single lure.


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