Destiny 2 Osteo Striga Guide – How to Level Up the Osteo Striga

The White Wolf could handle this.

Not too long to go until Destiny 2‘s The Witch Queen arrives, and with it myriad additions tagging along. If you haven’t already, there is still time to prepare for the expansion, including a weapon that you should grab ASAP and catching up on everything that is being vaulted.

While the bulk of the expansion is yet to be revealed, there are details regarding a new SMG roaming around. This guide will explain everything we know about Destiny 2 Osteo Striga, aside from its kickass name.

How to Unlock Osteo Striga in Destiny 2

At the moment, everyone who purchases Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition will be able to unlock Osteo Striga after the complete The Witch Queen campaign for the first time. It is not known if those who did not purchase this will be able to earn the weapon now or in the future. Once you complete the campaign, go to your Trimpuhs page and then select the “Patterns & Catalyst” tab on the right. Now go to submachine guns and click the Osteo Striga to unlock the pattern.

Once this is done, return to the Enclave and run-up to the weapon crafter. Select “Shape, then the submachine gun tab, and you will see the Osteo Striga. Pick this item and then begin filling out the line of perks available. Just like other crafted weapons, there will be a level associated with this exotic SMG. To increase this level and unlock additional perks, just go around killing foes with the Osteo Striga. There are no other steps to unlocking this gun.

That being said, Bungie is yet to detail whether or not players who purchase the Standard Edition will also be given access with another method. The pulse rifle No Time To Explain is a similar example that comes to mind — this weapon was bundled exclusively with Beyond Light‘s own Deluxe Edition. Nowadays, if you want to obtain it, you need to either purchase said edition or the standard edition plus the season pass.

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It’s not uncommon for developer Bungie to debut new weapons in season and expansion launches. Recently, the 30th Anniversary Event hosted the comeback of the exotic rocket launcher Gjallarhorn, as well as a catalyst for it (you can still pick these up if you haven’t).

Ostreo Striga Lore

“Victory is not in the unmaking of an enemy, but in the re-making of an enemy into your blade.” —9th Understanding, 7th Revision of Sorrow

Ah, pardon us. It just seems like he’s always hungry. When I first became a mother, I didn’t realize how much time would just be spent feeding him. Do you mind? Thank you.

No, he doesn’t look much like me, I know. There are a lot of orphans these days. I heard him crying from… oh my, it seems like half a world away. It was chance, honestly. I never thought of myself as a parent, but caring for another little life… it’s taught me so much.

May I?

Sorry, I don’t know why I’m sharing so much with you like this. You just seem easy to talk to. And becoming a mom has really given me a lot more insight into the little connections between people. I used to focus so much on my work. I actually lost a few friends over it.

Oh! Shh, shh, shh… there we go. That’s right. Growing babies need their calcium.

Now I can see what matters. The beauty in small things and quiet moments. In watching others light up when they see him. In the way meeting new people broadens him.

I had another child, you know. That was… before. I didn’t keep him safe. It’s for the best. He’s… safe now.

Besides, it means I can appreciate this little one so much more. Just the two of us.

I love my little Striga.

And he’s always… so… hungry.