Destiny 2 Nessus Obelisk Guide – How to Unlock the Obelisk on Nessus

The Season of Dawn is well underway and soon the EDZ and Nessus obelisks will also be ready for opening. There are four different obelisks to unlock and Nessus is the third or fourth of them, depending on you choose to go about them. This Destiny 2 Nessus: Recovery Operation guide will walk you through the brief steps to get this obelisk online.

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To start the quest, you need to return to Osiris.

Step 1: Defeat Vex on Nessus – Nessus: Recovery Operation

The first step requires 50 Undamaged Vex Parts which only drop when the Vex you kill are not disintegrated. So put away those abilities and Fusion Rifles. Bust out that Kinetic weapon and get to work!

Find Undamaged Vex Parts by defeating Vex on Nessus without using abilities, Fusion Rifles, or other weapons that cause disintegration.

“The obelisk requires some maintenance. It has been inactive and unguarded for a long time. We can use parts salvaged from the Vex’s machine bodies to reinforce the obelisk’s structure. But fight carefully, Guardian—we’ll need the materials in good condition.” —Transmission from Osiris

Step 2: Bank Materials at the Nessus Obelisk – Nessus: Reinforcements

Now that you have all of those Undamaged Vex Parts, head to the obelisk to bank them.

Bank the recovered Undamaged Vex Parts at the obelisk on Nessus.

“The Vex would use the fractured timeline to expand their never-ending quest for convergence. Perhaps they would expand the simulation capabilities of the Infinite Forest, or perhaps they would rebuild it altogether here on Nessus. With your help, we will not find out. Bring the Vex-made metal to the obelisk. These parts will help us strengthen it.” —Transmission from Osiris

Step 3: Defeat Enemies with Abilities and Supers, Collect Orbs of Light – Nessus: Light Collection

Just like you did on the Tangled Shore and Mars, it’s time to defeat enemies with abilities and supers. You also gain some extra progress by collecting Orbs of Light.

Charge the Nessus Obelisk by defeating enemies with abilities and your Super, and by collecting Orbs of Light.

“Your Light is the final key to unlocking the powers of this obelisk. Charged with Light, the obelisk will be able to link to the Sundial and create a barrier that will contain the disruption on Mercury. Do what you do best, Guardian, and blind your enemies with the Light.” —Transmission from Osiris

Step 4: Bank Light at the Nessus Obelisk – Nessus: Light Infusion

Time to head back to the Nessus obelisk and turn in that Light!

Bank the Light charge you accumulated to power the Nessus Obelisk.

“I have questioned the Light before, and I continue to question it today. But skepticism is not the same as disavowal. The Light is one of our greatest resources. Today, it will help keep time stable on Nessus, and that is an infinitely important task. Charge the obelisk, Guardian.” —Transmission from Osiris

Step 5: Interact With the Nessus Obelisk – Nessus: Timeline Stabilization

And that’s it! Now you have access to the Nessus obelisk!

Interact with the obelisk on Nessus to complete its activation.

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  1. You forgot two most important parts where do i get the recovery quest for nessus and EDZ and can i do the quest before the obelisk is unlock ?

    1. You gotta wait one more day, they won’t pop up until tomorrow!

      “As a note, the Nessus obelisk does not unlock until December 17.”

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