Destiny 2 Mysterious Datapad Quest Guide: Obsidian Dreams Emblem

Not one, but two quests have come out of Destiny 2: Black Armory’s Mysterious Box quest. When you finally open the Mysterious Box and get the quest for the Izanagi’s Burden sniper rifle, you also get a Mysterious Datapad. What is it? Well, it’s another quest, and a pretty cool one at that. All that it begins with is a poem:


The answer to this riddle is found in Niobe Labs, where you must shoot symbols on walls using Black Armory weapons the Spiteful Fang bow, Tatara Gaze sniper, and Hammerhead machine gun. You will also need Izanagi’s Burden, which is found through the Mysterious Decryption Device quest. To start the mission, head to Niobe Labs, which is found near the entrance of the Bergusia Forge. Begin the quest by using the lever under the stares. You must shoot symbols in this order:

  1. Missive (bow)

  2. Storm (machine gun)

  3. Pagoda (sniper)

  4. Dawn (bow)

  5. Star (machine gun)

  6. Hand (machine gun)

  7. Black Armory symbol under upper level platform (sniper)

This map of the area will help you find the symbols.

If done correctly, step two of the mission will begin, saying: survive. Quickly switch to Izanagi’s Burden and use its charged up Honed Edge shot to take out the shields on the Taken that spawn in. Clear out the rest of the Taken, and you can proceed.

The final step of the quest is to clear each of the four forges using a full set of Black Armory armor and weapons. Armor can be hard to come by, but Ada-1 has a new item called Forge Polymer, which will reward you with an armor piece upon forging a Black Armory weapon. Your prize is the Obsidian Dreams emblem, which can be seen here in a tweet by Twitch streamer Teawrex:

Enjoy the emblem and the cutscene when you return to Ada-1! There’s potentially more to the quest, but for now, it seems as though whatever may be next is time-gated. Stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks.


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