Destiny 2 Memory Pursuit – Lunar Scavenger Chest, Memory of Eriana-3

Each week since Destiny 2 Shadowkeep’s launch, Eris Morn has offered us a Memory Pursuit quest. These tasks are tied to lost members of her former fireteam, and completing each one will reward you with powerful gear as well as a little information from Eris herself. Oh, and each one dispels one of the Nightmares tormenting Eris, too.

This week’s Memory Pursuit tasks Guardians with finding Wei Ning’s letters to Eriana-3. These two characters were lovers until Crota killed Wei Ning in the doomed Guardian strike on the moon. Eriana-3 then had nothing to live for but vengeance — hence the name of her Exotic hand cannon, Eriana’s Vow. She died fighting with Eris’s fireteam, and now we’ve got to help Eris deal with that trauma.

Loot a Lunar Scavenger Chest

This first part isn’t too hard, if you know where to look. You’re hunting Lunar Scavengers — groups of Hive or Fallen with special names. Eris tells you to look beneath the moon’s surface, so head down there and keep an eye out for them. The Lunar Scavengers seem to rotate locations — you can find them in the Traitor’s Ketch, Chamber of Night, and in some other areas. Keep searching and you’ll find them. Kill enough Lunar Scavengers and a yellow bar enemy will appear. Take it out to spawn a Lunar Scavenger Chest.

Collect 10 Letters From Wei Ning

Next, you’re going to be collecting Wei Ning’s love letters to Eriana-3. To do so, you need to equip a Solar subclass and defeat Champions in activities on Hero difficulty or higher. (The fact that this isn’t tied to melee attacks seems like a missed opportunity, given Wei Ning’s well-document love of punching.) Thankfully, you don’t have to get the kills with your Solar abilities — you just need to have the subclass equipped. You’ll only encounter a few Champions in Nightfalls and Nightmare Hunts on Hero difficulty, so if you’re playing at that level it might be easiest to find out with a quick spawn then back out and repeat. On Legend and Master, Champions spawn aplenty, and one or two runs will likely be enough.

Return to Eris Morn

Once you’ve magically summoned a book by killing things, go back to the Moon. Head into the portal to the right of where Eris is and hand her the letters. Don’t grab your reward from the chest right away. Instead, talk to Eris a couple more times to get some more information about Eriana-3, Wei Ning, and her fireteam. You’ll know you can’t get any more when Eris warps away, back to her usual spot. Take your reward and you’re done this Memory Pursuit!

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