Destiny 2 Mars: Recovery Operation Guide – How to Unlock the Mars Obelisk

After you get the Sundial running, Osiris will have three new quests for you. The game doesn’t really give you any indication of this, but since you’re here you must have figured it out. There are four different obelisks to unlock and Mars is the second of them. This Destiny 2 Mars: Recovery Operation guide will walk you through the brief steps to get this obelisk online.

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Step 1: Defeat Hive on Mars and Open Chests – Mars: Recovery Operation

The first step simply requires you to go to Mars and defeat Hive. You can also gain some extra progress by opening chests. Equip that Treasure Finder ghost shell for an easier time!

Defeat Hive on Mars and open chests to recover additional Salvaged BrayTech.

“Those materials you recovered from the Cabal are ancient pieces of Golden Age technology. Perfect, it turns out, for reinforcing the structure of the obelisk. The Hive have infiltrated the BrayTech facilities on this planet, so start your search with them. You may find caches of supplies hidden in the area, as well.” —Transmission from Osiris

Step 2: Bank Materials at the Mars Obelisk – Mars: Reinforcements

Now that you have all of those Salvaged BrayTech materials, head to the obelisk to bank them.

Bank the recovered Salvaged BrayTech at the obelisk on Mars.

“This technology will help us bring the obelisk up to its full potential. Say what you will about Clovis Bray, but their creations certainly stood the test of time. I hope the same will be true of us.” —Transmission from Osiris

Step 3: Defeat Enemies with Abilities and Supers, Collect Orbs of Light – Mars: Light Collection

Just like you did on the Tangled Shore, it’s time to defeat enemies with abilities and supers. You also gain some extra progress by collecting Orbs of Light.

Charge the Mars Obelisk by defeating enemies with abilities and your Super, and by collecting Orbs of Light.

“The obelisk is sturdy, but not yet charged. To bring it to its full power, we must infuse it with your Light. Rebuilt and fully charged, the obelisk will be able to stabilize the timeline on Mars and prevent any further temporal disruptions.” —Transmission from Osiris

Step 4: Bank Light at the Mars Obelisk – Mars: Light Infusion

Time to head back to the Mars obelisk and turn in that Light!

Bank the Light charge you accumulated to power the Mars Obelisk.

“We cannot afford to damage the timeline here on Mars. Our enemies would use this to undo us. They would return to a point in time where the Warmind was unguarded, inactive… and repurpose it for their own goals. The consequences would be… horrific. Hurry, Guardian. Charge the obelisk with your Light.” —Transmission from Osiris

Step 5: Interact With the Mars Obelisk – Mars: Timeline Stabilization

And that’s it! Now you have access to the Mars obelisk! With it comes two more weapons to earn from the Sundial.

Interact with the obelisk on Mars to complete its activation.

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