Destiny 2 Lost Sector Nightmares Location – Where to Kill Nightmares in the EDZ

During the early stages of the Shadowkeep expansion for Destiny 2, Eris Morn will have you completing missions to create and purify various pieces of the Dreambane armor set. The Essence of Pride quest tasks you with killing Nightmares on planets other than the Moon. But not all Lost Sectors contain Nightmares. Where’s the best place to farm them? Our guide will tell you exactly where to go.

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Getting Back Into Destiny 2

Our default reaction to getting this quest was to just visit random Lost Sectors on the EDZ and hope for the best. Sadly, however, not all Lost Sectors have Nightmares inside. Thankfully, once you do find one, you can simply repeat it until you’ve completed the quest step.

Getting to an EDZ Lost Sector with Nightmares is actually fairly easy. Just travel to the Trostland area and head to the Widow’s Walk Lost Sector on your left.

Inside there will be two Nightmare Shanks and the EDZ boss. Don’t just burst down the boss as fast as possible though. Once you get them low on health another duo of shanks will spawn. Between the five of them you should get about 50% of your quest step completed.

Once you open the chest, run all the way back out, or just teleport back to Trostland. As long as the game tells you that you’ve reentered Trostland, you’re safe to go back into the Lost Sector and complete it once again.

Don’t forget to pick up bounties from Devrim Kay while you’re in the area! He oftentimes has a bounty to complete two Lost Sectors. With the increased emphasis on the Season Pass and earning XP, it’s a good time to complete as many bounties as possible.

If you opt for IO you can farm the Grove of Ulan-Tan in Lost Oasis. Titan, on the other hand, has Nightmares in the Cargo Bay 3 Lost Sector. That one is in the Methane Flush area.

Also as a public service announcement, don’t dismantle these Dreambane sets! You need them to progress in the Shadowkeep campaign. And while you can purchase them from Eris Morn later on, they certainly aren’t cheap to obtain!

You’ll also find yourself getting quests for the Moon’s Legendary weapons. These are a bit more troublesome and involve visiting specific areas on the Moon to claim an item in the world. The Essence of Vanity quest, for example, rewards the Tranquility sniper rifle. To get it you need to do a few of the normal steps like getting sniper rifle kills. But it also asks you to find an item called the Horned Wreath in the Chamber of Night. We’re in the process of putting together guides for each of these items. You can find the one for Tranquility right here.

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