Destiny 2 Light the Fires Guide – Season of Dawn Iron Banner Quest Steps

It wouldn’t be another season of Destiny 2 if there wasn’t yet another set of Iron Banner armor, weapons, and power level gains to chase. The competitive game mode will make it’s debut on December 24 and to get the new armor you’ll need to complete the season long quest. We have all of the quest steps for this season’s Iron Banner quest which starts off as Light the Fires. Get the full details below!

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Iron Banner Changes

But first, let’s once again run down how Iron Banner has changed. It’ll be the same system as last season, but if you haven’t played since then here’s how it works.

  • You still earn tokens while playing Iron Banner, but you can’t turn them in until you complete this quest line.
    • The quest is character based and rewards Iron Banner weapons or armor with each step’s completion.
    • Completion is tracked during the entire Season of the Undying. If you don’t complete it during this Iron Banner running, you can finish it next time.
  • Until the quest is completed, Iron Banner rewards can only be obtained through match drops and bounties.
    • These will only be weapons until the quest has been completed.
    • There are only four bounties available per Iron Banner instead of seven.
      • These give out pinnacle rewards (up to 970) instead of powerful rewards (up to 960).

Iron Banner Light the Fires Quest Steps

It’s worth noting that the following Iron Banner objectives are retroactive. For example, if you capture ten zones during Step 1, you’ll already have ten zones captured when you start Step 2.

As a whole, this season’s Iron Banner quest is the exact same as last year except with the final blows weapon types swapped out.

Step 1: Light the Fires – Kills With Super, Captures Zones, Defeat Opponents

The first step is relatively easy and should be completed in just a few games. We recommend using a scout rifle to get a head start on the next step.

  • Super Defeats: 3
  • Zones Captured: 10
  • Opponents Defeated: 30

At any time during Season 9, defeat opponents, capture zones, and land Super final blows in the Iron Banner.

“It’s time to demonstrate what you’ve been working toward. The Iron Banner is a display of power. Be beyond measure. Become devastation.” —Lord Saladin

Step 2: Iron Sights – Scout Rifles Kills, Complete Matches, Capture Zones

By this point you may very well have already completed the following steps.

  • Zones Captured: 20
  • Matches Completed: 6
  • Scout Rifle Final Blows: 25

At any time during Season 9, complete matches, capture zones, and land final blows using Scout Rifles in the Iron Banner.

“The Iron Lords have been immortalized at Felwinter’s Peak for their heroic actions. Your sacrifices and courage do not go unnoticed. The Iron Banner continues to sharpen you.” —Lord Saladin

Step 3: Pump Iron – Capture Zones, Defeat Opponents, Shotgun Final Blows

Not much longer to go here. Just swap to a shotgun and keep playing. You’ll get there!

  • Zones Captured: 30
  • Opponents Defeated: 100
  • Shotgun Final Blows: 20

At any time during Season 9, defeat opponents, capture zones, and land final blows using Shotguns in the Iron Banner.

“Consider why you fight, Guardian. For honor? For glory? Your actions tell the story that will be passed down through the generations. Make them pure.” —Lord Saladin

Step 4: Death Metal – Super Kills, Capture Zones, Hand Cannon Kills

The zones captured will almost certainly be the hardest part of this quest step. Focus on those while you try to move on from this.

  • Zones Captured: 40
  • Super Final Blows: 15
  • Hand Cannon Final Blows: 15

At any time during Season 9, capture zones, land final blows using Hand Cannons, and land Super final blows in the Iron Banner.

“The Iron Lords arose to combat injustice. Greatness was earned. Carry on the legacy of the heroes of old. Secure your place among the legends.” —Lord Saladin

Step 5: Iron Rain – Rocket Launcher Kills, Capture Zones, Complete Matches

Rocket Launcher final blows means you’ll need to compete for the heavy ammo drops.

  • Zones Captured: 50
  • Matches Completed: 15
  • Rocket Launcher Final Blows: 10

At any time during Season 9, complete matches, capture zones, and land final blows using Rocket Launchers in the Iron Banner.

“Your performance in the Iron Banner has me reminiscing, Guardian. I think back to the unwavering resolute at the Battle of Six Fronts, and I see those qualities in you. You are the future we fought for. Keep it up.” —Lord Saladin

Step 6: Iron Cast – Return to Lord Saladin

And you’re done! Head back to Saladin to end the quest.

Return to Lord Saladin.

“You fight like the Iron Lords before you; with vigor and determination. Perhaps you will also be honored and remembered in the years to follow… But something tells me your journey is far from complete. Hone your skills. Prepare for the inevitable.” —Lord Saladin

At this point you can start earning Season of Dawn Iron Banner armor sets. Now you can get them from bounties, random drops at the end of each match, and through Lord Saladin engrams! Keep in mind that you need to complete the quest on each character if you want one set for each class. Best of luck!


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