Destiny 2 Iron Banner Season 7 Quest Guide – Test of Strength Walkthrough

As per usual, Iron Banner, the competitive Power Level enabled Destiny 2 Crucible mode will return in Season of Opulence (Season 7). This time around things are a little different, however. You still have the weekly bounties which reward powerful rewards from the Iron Banner engram pool, but if you want the armor set, you’ll need to complete the Test of Strength quest. Each quest step rewards a specific piece of powerful armor for your current character.

It’s worth noting that once you are rewarded a piece of armor from the quest, it gets added to the Iron Banner engram pool. So if you want only weapons, turn in some reward packages before progressing the quest!

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When Does Iron Banner Start?

Iron Banner likely starts on June 18. In the Season of Opulence schedule, Bungie has that date listed as “Iron Banner Quest,” so naturally it should be live then.

We do not know the end date for the Iron Banner yet, though it usually runs for a week.

Iron Banner Quest Steps

1. Test of Strength – Defeat Enemy Guardians in Iron Banner

Simple enough, as a team, earn a total of 600 points. It doesn’t matter whether your fellow Guardians are in your Fireteam or not. You just have to play until your team totals 600 points. Then return to Lord Saladin.

As a team, earn points by defeating enemy Guardians in Iron Banner. Available only during Season of Opulence.

2. Armed and Dangerous – Capture Zones and Earn Power Plays as a Team

You need only 200 points this time around, but only capturing zones and earning power plays earns progress towards this mark! We suspect power plays will reward more progress than simply capturing zones. Again, then return to Saladin.

As a team, earn points by capturing zones and earning Power Plays. The more teammates capturing a zone, the greater the points earned. Available only during Season of Opulence.

3. Light It Up – Earn Super, Grenade, and Melee Final Blows

Hey, Bungie is really into the whole team thing this time around. You don’t even have to be that good! Now your team must earn 200 points via Super final blows, 150 points from Grenade kill final blows, and 100 points by Melee kill final blows. That…sounds like a lot. But thankfully it counts everyone on your team! Then return to Saladin.

As a team, earn points by defeating Guardians in Iron Banner with Supers. Available only during Season of Opulence.

4. Non-Stop – Earn Super, Grenade, and Melee Final Blows

More team based objectives! This time it’s 160 Auto Rifle kills, 160 Fusion Rifle kills, 40 Sword kills, 50 Sniper kills, and 160 Scout Rifle kills! We can only hope that final blows reward more than one point per kill. Afterwards, it’s back to Saladin.

As a team, earn points by defeating enemies in Iron Banner using Auto Rifles, Fusion Rifles, Scout Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and Swords. Available only during Season of Opulence.

5. Headstrong – Complete Iron Banner Matches

Now you’ve just got to grind out Iron Banner matches. Win streaks will earn you more points, but earn a total of 50 and you’re done!

Earn points by completing Iron Banner matches. Wins Streaks are worth significantly more points. Available only during Season of Opulence.

That’s all we know about the return of the Iron Banner during the Destiny 2 Season of Opulence right now!

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