Destiny 2 Invitations of the Nine Guide – Xur Bounties, Cutscenes, Lore

Destiny's most enigmatic entity finally comes to the forefront.

In the lore of Destiny 2, there’s nothing more mysterious than the cryptic entity known as The Nine. No one knows who or what they really are — even in the fiction, to some extent. And that’s kind of the way it always has been, dating back to the original Destiny. But that looks to be changing thanks to a new injection of lore in Season of the Drifter.

In the first Destiny, players were introduced to The Nine by the mysterious Xur. He’s a shady merchant who appears in various, semi-secret locations to offer weapons, armor, and other wares for sale. Xur was simply known as an Agent of the Nine whose “will was not his own.”

The Nine took on a bigger role in Destiny 2 during Trials of the Nine. That’s where Guardians competed in competitive Crucible modes in an effort to impress the unknown entities. Eventually, winning Guardians met the Emissary, who is something of a liaison to the Nine. She seemingly comes the Nine’s alternate dimension — known simply as thee Unknown Space.

In Season of the Drifter, the Emissary is back and dealing with the Drifter directly. In an awesome new method of expanding Destiny lore, Xur now returns week after week to offer a new item called an Invitation of the Nine. Players can complete these new bounties to receive new cutscenes, dialogue, and lore.

Invitation of the Nine – Week 1: “The World”

The first quest from Xur is to collect “metaphysical samples” from Cabal, Fallen, and Taken in the EDZ. You’ll also need to complete the Lake of Shadows strike. As a reminder, you can choose the strike on the EDZ director! No need to grind the strike playlist hoping for it to appear.

Once the first Invitation of the Nine quest is complete, the Guardian can visit the Drifter’s Derelict ship (triggered by a mission in the Director under Gambit called “Mystery and Potential”). Then you can use the teleporter inside to travel to the Nine’s Unknown Space. There you should jump into another portal, the same way that you do in the Reckoning activity, to be met by a giant version of the Emissary.

Emissary: We stand at the precipice of history. What you do here changes the cosmic balance forever.

You have made allies of dangerous beings. Gods and god pretenders. How long before your company involves you in something you can’t come back from?

Those I serve have so much to learn from you. You are their greatest curiosity. The agent on whom all fates converge.

The Dredgen presents a special prize to the Nine. He is an anomaly. An elemental balance. A grand experiment.

We remember his Trial.

Here the Guardian is presented with a vision: a brand new cutscene featuring the Drifter and a mystery character. From context, we can presume this stranger is a Shadow of Yor wielding Thorn. The Drifter used to be an acolyte of the Shadows of Yor, calling himself Dredgen, but eventually left that life in his past.

You can learn more about the original Dredgen Yor and his so-called shadows in our prime Season of the Drifter lore piece.

Eventually the vision ends. When it does, the Guardian is back with the Emissary.

Emissary: Only two others have transcended their design.

The first, an hourglass counting down with infinite patience.

The second, a forgotten blade sharpened anew.

And now, the Dredgen.

Visit us again. We wish for you to understand what we understand.

For now, it is my purpose to speak to you and you alone…but only if you remain worthy.

It’s anyone’s guess what “two others” the Emissary is referring to, as well as what it means that they “transcended their design.” It’s possible to make educated guesses, though. The “hourglass” likely refers to Osiris, a famous and renegade Warlock who was the centerpiece of 2017’s Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris DLC. He currently makes his home in the Infinite Forest, testing infinite possible timelines.

The “forgotten blade” could possibly reference to Oryx, The Taken King. His life was defined by the Hive faction’s philosophy called Sword Logic. Oryx was the big bad in 2015’s Destiny expansion, The Taken King. And players killed him but good in the exceptional King’s Fall Raid. And his aforementioned Sword Logic is the Hive’s guiding religious principle that “existence is the struggle to exist.” But, really, it’s anyone’s guess at this point.

Invitation of The Nine – Week 2: “Justice”

The second Invitation is similar to the first. You will need to play the Savathun’s Song Strike and pick up nine samples each from Fallen and Hive by getting random drops from killing each enemy type.

Once complete, head on back to the Derelict via the Gambit section on the Director. Go through the portal into Unknown Space again, and jump into the portal once more to see a new scene.

The Nine: “Do you regret this?”

Emissary: “What?”

The Nine: “Judgment.”

Emissary: “I have more agency as an agent than I ever did wielding the Light.”

The Nine: “You lost everything.”

Emissary: “Nothing that ever mattered. I would die for those I love.”

The Nine: “We don’t understand.”

Emissary: “No…”


This week’s scene is short, but sweet. It reveals just a bit more about the Emissary and who she used to be, and even more about her is revealed in the new lore section that is earned via the Invitation. We also hear The Nine address the Emissary directly, which is pretty cool on its own.

In short, the revelation is that the Emissary once was a Guardian, as evidenced by her dialogue and the Ghost that watches from behind her. The “Ecdysis” lore book can be found in its entirety on Ishtar Collective, but beware of spoilers from future lore drops.

We should know more in the coming weeks, though! Each Friday, Xur will have a new Invitation of the Nine on offer. Once each new bounty is complete, we will be able to explore new dialogue and lore. So check back right here for more information very soon.


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