Destiny 2: How to get Luna’s Howl and Not Forgotten

Each season of Destiny 2‘s Competitive playlist features one very special weapon—something that offers the most proficient Guardians a worthy trophy to show off to their friends. In season four, that weapon is called Luna’s Howl, and it’s a beauty of a hand cannon that’s capable of triple-tapping enemies. Yikes!

The quest steps of Luna’s Howl are named after the stages of grief, as the weapon itself is named after the fallen dog of a Guardian. How very sad. Rest in peace, pupper. Naming a badass gun after your pal is a great homage.

Now let’s talk about how to get it.

Shock and Denial

Head to Lord Shaxx in the Tower to pick up the quest called “Remembrance.”

For the first step towards Luna’s Howl and all its glory, you need to fight for Glory rank by completing 10 matches in the Competitive playlist. Thankfully, you don’t actually need to win. Just play them out to continue the quest. We do, however, suggest putting in the effort to win as many as possible… but we’ll talk about why later.

Pain and Guilt

The second step of the quest keeps you in the Competitive playlist and tasks you with picking up 150 hand cannon kills in Competitive. You can use any hand cannon that you like, so pick a favorite. Common, popular hand cannons are Ace of Spades, Better Devils, Crimson, and Midnight Coup. Try to aim for the head and stay at mid-range for maximum effectiveness.

Anger and Bargaining

Ready for more Competitive playlist? Now you need 200 Solar kills in the PVP mode. This can be done with abilities or weapons that deal Solar damage. So pick good Special and Heavy weapons with Solar, and equip a Solar subclass. Don’t forget that your current light level doesn’t matter in the normal Crucible—not even for gear drops—so you can use guns with great perks instead of high levels.

The Way of a Thousand Cuts subclass is also especially helpful for Hunters. Code of the Siegebreaker gives Titans faster ability recharge. And Dawnblade Warlocks can use Attunement of Flame to kill foes with heat-seeking projectiles.

Destiny 2 hand cannon

Depression and Loneliness

Arguably the easiest step of the quest line, you now need to play three Rumble matches. That’s it! Head in solo for some quick games and be ready to move on to the final two steps.

The Upward Turn

This is where it gets tough. You need to pick up 100 precision kills in Competitive with hand cannons. This will take some time and lots of patience, but it will happen eventually. Try some of those hand cannons from the Pain and Guilt step if you have any. And don’t get frustrated, because you’re almost at the finish line.


So, you’ve hopefully won some of your Competitive matches. The final step of the quest is to reach the Fabled rank in Glory. Yeah, this one will be tough if you’ve been throwing matches while hunting down headshots. Thankfully, Fabled is only the fourth tier out of six, so you don’t have to push all the way to the final rank of Legend to move on and pick up your weapon. Just remember that, unlike Valor, you lose Glory when you lose, and earn it when you win. Win and loss streaks increase that amount, too.


Head back to Lord Shaxx in the Tower. Your hard work has paid off—enjoy the Luna’s Howl hand cannon!

Now that you’ve gotten Luna’s Howl, you can actually win a super-charged version of the gun called Not Forgotten. Pick up the other quest from Shaxx, titled “Keepsake,” and head back into Competitive with your new gun.

You need to pick up 500 kills in Competitive with Luna’s Howl and reach the Legend rank in Glory for the enhanced version of the gun. It has far better range than its predecessor, and is sure to be a nightmare in the Crucible, but it’s an incredible slog to unlock. Only truly dedicated Crucible players are likely to receive this one.


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