Destiny 2 Heroic Menagerie Guide — Tips & Walkthrough

Hello Calus, my old friend. I’ve come to subject myself to your ceaseless torment again. Because this Menagerie you’re keeping… has my Fireteam here weeping. And the vision… that was planted in my brain… still remains… within the Crown of Sorrow.

No, really. We’re loading right back into the Menagerie in Destiny 2 with the release of the mode’s Heroic difficulty, and the souped-up version of this rotation’s boss – the familiar Hasapiko. We’ve already briefly covered the differences between Heroic Menagerie and the version that you’re all accustomed to in our guide, but let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of the encounters.

Heroic Menagerie has exactly the same mechanics for the rooms as regular Menagerie. The one difference is that if you’ve completed a rotation of the randomly sequenced rooms and you haven’t filled your Menagerie bar enough to get Daddy Calus’ attention, your Fireteam is going to get kicked. If all of your Fireteam members have their light extinguished, then you’ll also get kicked. It’s a dog eat dog world out there in the Heroic Menagerie, and you’ll have to organize a full party yourself if you want to take it on instead of relying on LFG. 

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Destiny 2 Heroic Menagerie — Encounters

The rooms in Heroic Menagerie will have the exact same mechanics as the rooms in regular Menagerie. Everything just hurts a little more, so make sure that your Fireteam has each other’s backs and that you’re playing cautiously. Pay extra attention to the victory conditions that we’ve outlined in our regular Menagerie guide and you should be well on the way to gaining Calus’ favor and summoning the boss of this rotation — Hasapiko. 

Destiny 2 Heroic Menagerie — Hasapiko Boss

We’re sure that some of you have missed this lovable brute. Never fear, Hasapiko’s here. He’s going to hurt just as much as he did last time, so don’t let your guard down because he’s a familiar face. The name of the game is still getting rid of his shield so you can get rid of his health bar. 

You’ll want to focus fire the Harpies that spawn during the fight. These Harpies are tankier than before, so make sure that your Fireteam isn’t slacking on the damage. As in regular Menagerie, killing Harpies will drop an AOE field which will let you chip away at Hasapiko’s shield so long as you’re firing at him when you’re standing in one of these puddles. 

Instead of spreading yourselves out throughout the room, make sure that you take advantage of the platform that you spawn on; it provides natural cover and every little bit helps. You’ll have to contend with Vex who will explode after a certain amount of time, and these enemies aren’t shy about seeking you and your Fireteam members out so always be alert when you’re pumping rounds into something. It’s a smart move to get one of your Fireteam members to tether the adds that spawn and to make sure that you hit them where it hurts before they can get too close to you. 

You still have to make sure that you’re avoiding the energy lasers that Hasapiko churns out when his shield is down. These are still one-hit KOs, so don’t get too comfy once you’ve whittled that shield away. When his shield comes back up, keep repeating the above process until you’ve completely eliminated his health and congratulations – you’ll have defeated the Minotaur for a second time!

Destiny 2 Heroic Menagerie — Arunak Boss

Check back next week for an update on saying bye-bye to Arunak.

Destiny 2 Heroic Menagerie — Pagouri Boss

Check back in Week 3 for our guide on how to take this guy down. 

Destiny 2 Heroic Menagerie — Triumphs & Rewards

“But what sort of shiny treasures will we receive?” You cry out, grasping hands reaching for a loot chest like it’s the One Ring. Well, the answer you’ve all been waiting for and potentially been expecting is: a fully masterworked item on your first clear. This is a one-time drop for your account and it’ll scale off how your Chalice of Opulence is configured, so make sure that you’ve got the runs you want before you hop, skip, and jump into the maw of Heroic Menagerie. If your Chalice is totally decked out and perfected, then you’ll be able to get Izanagi’s Burden from this. 

It’s also possible to get some sweet loot directly from eliminating Hasapiko, though this is not a guarantee when your Fireteam downs him. We’re not sure if this will persist throughout fights with Arunak and Pagouri’s Heroic versions when they’re released next week and the week after, but check back here for updates. 

With these new loot rewards comes new triumphs, so particularly brave Fireteams might want to take a crack at some of these Heroic achievements:

  • Break A Leg: Kill Heroic Hasapiko without anyone dying.
  • Go, Speed Runner, Go: Finish a Heroic Menagarie encounter without running short of time until you hit Hasapiko’s final room.
  • Lambs to the Slaughter: Kill Heroic Pagouri without anyone dying. 
  • Short-Handed: Finish a Heroic Menagerie encounter with three or less people alive on your Fireteam.
  • Uncontrolled Rage: Kill Heroic Arunak without anyone dying.

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