What Makes the Heroic Menagerie Different in Destiny 2?

The Heroic version of the Menagerie event in Destiny 2 launched today. This event sees Guardians plumbing the depths of Emperor’s Calus’s ship, The Leviathan, in an attempt to win his favor and treasures. So what makes the Heroic version different? A few things.

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Destiny 2 Heroic Menagerie Differences

As you might expect, the Heroic version of the Menagerie has a higher Power Level requirement for entry. Whereas the normal Menagerie demands that you be 690, the Heroic edition requires a level of 740. And you probably want to be higher than that, too — the toughest enemies you’ll face will be at 770.

But it’s not just a higher light level that makes the Heroic Menagerie harder. Keen-eyed players might notice that there’s an additional modifier on the activity selection screen called Extinguish. This modifier means that if all Fireteam members are ever dead simultaneously, they get booted back to orbit. This means that the Menagerie now works similarly to some Heroic Quests.

If that wasn’t enough, the Heroic Menagerie in Destiny 2 has a fail condition. The normal version of the Menagerie can’t be “failed” in any real sense. If Guardians run out of time on a particular encounter, they simply move on to the next, repeating encounters until they fill the bar that unlocks the final boss. But in the Heroic Menagerie, you only get to do each encounter once. Haven’t filled that bar before the last one? Back to orbit with you.

In the context of these changes, it makes sense that the Heroic Menagerie does not support matchmaking, since other similar activities don’t either. You’ll need to assemble your own fireteam to complete the Heroic Menagerie, which is a much more raid-like experience than the original.

As always, there are options for players who don’t have enough Destiny 2 players on their friends list. I’ve used DestinyLFG to complete Heroic Quests when my friends weren’t available, and it was a great experience. Or, you may want to wait until this Fall when you can join your friends on whatever platform you all prefer, once Bungie implements cross-saves. Either way, the Heroic Menagerie definitely seems like the new endgame content for Destiny 2, so don’t feel like you have to rush out and do it right away.

Destiny 2 Heroic Menagerie Rewards

We expect there will be unique rewards for the Heroic Menagerie, though we’re not quite sure what those will be yet. Since the experience is much more similar to a traditional raid, we may see fully masterworked weapons, Exotic catalysts, and more to discover. There are also Triumphs specific to the Menagerie that reward Purses of Imperials. Some of these seem like they’re going to be tough, like defeating bosses with no deaths or completing a run with only three Fireteam members.

We’ll have a full Destiny 2 Heroic Menagerie guide up soon. In the meantime, check out the rest of our Destiny 2 coverage to build up your light level.