Destiny 2 Medals Guide – How to Get Guardian Games Medals

Destiny 2’s Guardian Games are finally here, so it’s time to prove why Warlocks are the best class! Revolving around a friendly competition between the games three core classes, players will need to earn to Medals to increase their team’s daily score. At the end of the day, Bungie will update each team’s event-specific Class Item with either a bronze, silver, or gold color to indicate their standing. If you want your class to emerge triumphant, then you’ll need to start earning as many Medals as possible.

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How to Get Medals

Acting as pseudo bounties, you can obtain Medals by visiting Eva Levante at The Tower. There are three tiers of medals – Bronze, Silver, and Gold – each of which award a different amount of points. Revolving around completing activities, you will unlock these after you deposit your first “mote” into the bank tied to your class. Go back to Eva and she will have seven Medals available for you to earn. These mini-quests mainly revolve around killing enemies in either the Crucible of Strike/Nightfall playlists.

Players must wear their Guardian Games class item in order to progress any Guardian Game bounties.

Additionally, you will need to collect Laurels, which are a new item that drops from enemies killed from grenade, charged melee, or Super abilities. Picking a Laurel up that was produced from the same class you are playing will net you three points, while one from a different class only awards one point. So if you’re a Titan and pick up a Hunter Laurel you’ll get a single point. Inversely being a Titan and grabbing a Titan Laurel nets you three points. This is important because a lot of the Medals revolve around collecting Laurels, so make sure to always be hunting for those colorful motes on the ground.

If you don’t care about who wins the Guardian Games, you can complete Medals across all three classes. You won’t be locked into a specific class for the event, so you can pick up a new set of Medals from Eva on your alternate characters. This is ideal for farming Medals to complete Triumphs since the new Heir Apparent machine gun is locked behind completing seven Triumphs.

It’s unclear if these will reset every day, but we suspect this is the case. Given the limited nature of the event, we expect them to be a daily occurrence. We can confirm that depositing Medals does not open up new ones for you to earn. Once you have completed a Medal, head back to The Tower and slam them into your class’s statue. You can redeem multiple medals at a time, so don’t worry about just standing around slamming your fist into a wall repeatedly.

Unless you’re a Titan, then that’s pretty normal…

We’re in the process of playing the early stages of the Guardian Games event. Make sure to check our guides section later for more information including how to get the new exotic auto rifle, details on the triumphs, and much more! Thanks as always for the continued support, Guardians. Get out there and fight!


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