Destiny 2 Gambit Prime Guide: Tips, New Armor, Roles

Alright, alright, alright! A new form of Gambit is here.

With the Season of the Drifter, Destiny 2 is getting a brand new multiplayer mode. It’s called Gambit Prime, and as described by Bungie developers, it’s the “sweatier” version of the PvEvP game mode from the main game. But the new mode brings some solid rewards in return. It also comes with some pretty fundamental changes. In that way, it’s just like the rest of Season of the Drifter.

The main difference between Gambit and Gambit Prime is that the latter mode only lasts one round. That’s right — no more best-of-three, hoping to make a big comeback. Gambit Prime is one-and-done, so you better bring your A-game from the outset. Otherwise you could find yourself catching a loss very quickly.

Another change is that players can drain motes from enemy teams. That means your score is not set in stone once you bank Motes. This could dissuade players from the common strategy of hiding in their spawns once an invader shows, because you still need to defend the bank.

Bungie says Gambit Prime will transform over time as players unlock perks and select designated roles within the game mode. In the past, Gambit resulted in players taking on “soft” roles in a less formal fashion. Gambit Prime makes each of these gameplay roles a real, tangible thing. And players who like a particular role can grab armor for Gambit Prime-specific perks that accentuate their positions.

Gambit Prime Roles

With Gambit Prime comes new armor sets. The armor set can even be customized with different colors to emphasize their role (and intimate opposing players). These Gambit Prime armor sets are where you get those unique Gambit Prime perks.

The sets drop from yet another new activity: The Reckoning. This purely PVE mode comes in three tiers that offer different levels of armor set. And, when you run Reckoning to get your dose of Gambit gear, you can select which role you get rewards for. So don’t worry about getting Invader armor if you only play Collector.

Bear in mind that you can mix and match the roles as much as you like! As Bungie puts it, you can run four Invaders if you like—but we don’t suggest that. Here’s a closer look at the roles in Gambit Prime.


The definition of an add clearer. The Reaper’s job is to slay as many enemies that spawn as quickly as possible. Then they should focus down any majors (enemies with yellow health bars) that appear.

  • Weaken High-Value Targets
  • Multikills generate Special Ammo
  • Gain increased Mote lifetime
  • Powerful enemy kills increase Grenade recharge

Reaper Tips

The Reaper should constantly be roaming around the map and killing the add waves that spawn periodically throughout the match. Whenever the Drifter calls out that enemies are approaching from a certain direction, head there and start slaying.

You will inevitably bump into some motes and pick them up through the course of your murdering, but most of them should be left for your Collector, so be careful. One of the most valuable Reaper set perks is that the motes you generate have an increased lifetime, so don’t be afraid to be constantly killing.


Every Gambit team needs a PvP God. Gambit Prime is no different. The Invader’s job is to pick up heavy ammo, save their Super, and deal death against the enemy team — however they can. When the enemy team sees your red glow, they know things are about to get serious.

  • Gain ammo while invading
  • Improved invasion overshield
  • Damage bonus on Guardian kills
  • Lock and drain motes from enemy bank

Invader Tips

Always be invading. Invasions are more important than ever in Gambit Prime, and having a good invader to disrupt the enemy team is pretty much always going to be the difference between winning and losing.

Invaders should assist their team with clearing adds and banking motes until the invasion portal is open, and then it’s time to wreak havoc. Time your invasions for when the enemy team is holding a lot of motes, or when they have damaged their Primeval enough to let you kill them and heal it.

When not invading, play as you normally would in a PvE setting, but always be ready to pick up Power ammo and use your Super to turn the tide of battle or step on your enemy’s throats and keep them in a pit of defeat.


Collectors may not be the best at slaying enemies or invaders. Their role is still crucial, however. A Collector’s main job is to collect and bank as many Motes as possible. It’s the only way to summon a Primeval and win a game of Gambit Prime!

  • Drop Motes on death
  • Motes grant overshield
  • Gain Ammo on Mote deposit
  • Send giant 20-mote blockers

Collector Tips

Collectors are basically human vacuums in Gambit. Their only goal is to kill enemies, pick up their motes, and bank them as fast as possible. While your Reaper should be doing a good amount of add-clearing, you should be right up there with them in enemy combatant kills when the end-game stat sheet pops up.

Fly around the map and pick up motes before they disappear. With a full set bonus of Prime armor, you can also carry 20 motes and send giant 20-mote blockers, so keep that in mind when deciding whether or not to run and pick up a few more motes.


One of the more underrated roles in Gambit, the Sentry’s job is to clear out the bank and make sure that enemy blockers and Taken enemies are defeated quickly. They’re basically your active defense

  • Multikills grants a damage buff against Taken
  • Bank gives health regeneration
  • Mark Invaders for teammates
  • Buff Allies in the Well of Light

Sentry Tips

In Gambit Prime, the second-most important role behind Invader is the Sentry. Thanks to the new mechanic where blockers sent by the other team will drain motes from your bank, a Sentry is an absolute necessity to defend the middle of the arena.

The Sentry should hover around the central area of the arena, using a scout rifle or a sniper rifle to help with add clearing, while also being ready to shotgun-down any and all blockers. The longer a blocker is in your arena, the more motes it will drain, so the Sentry needs to be on their toes at all times.

Sentries also need to be the first line of defense against enemy Invaders. If a Sentry spots an Invader and deals damage to them, their set bonus will mark the Invader for the rest of the team and allow them to spot them, offering a huge advantage when defending.

General Tips

Once your team has done its job and the Primeval spawns in, it’s time to go to work. This Primeval is way different than the ones in regular Gambit, though, so be ready for some new mechanics.

You will notice right away that the Primeval is shielded and cannot be killed. Along with the Primeval, two Primeval Envoys will spawn in, marked on your HUD with a red marker. Hunt them down and take them out. Once dead, a third Envoy will spawn. This one is the key—killing this Envoy will take down the Primeval’s shield and drop a rift that will give you a Primeval Slayer damage buff.

When your team is ready, hop in the damage buff and begin to DPS the Primeval. But be careful—the enemy team will most likely be invading soon. When they do, scatter and try to find them to prevent dying and healing the Primeval.

After that, it’s a matter of rinse and repeat—kill two Envoys, kill the third Envoy, stand in the buff rift and deal damage. The more Envoys you kill, the more of a damage buff Primeval Slayer will give you, so don’t stress out about killing it on the first or even second wave.

And that’s all we’ve got for now! But make sure to check back soon. We’ll update this guide (and many more) once Gambit Prime evolves and takes shape over the course of Season of the Drifter!