Destiny 2 Flawless Seraph Towers Guide – Public Event Triumph Tips

Destiny 2’s latest event Guardian Games officially launched yesterday and players are already scrambling to claim first place. While many users are completing Medals and collecting Laurels, others are attempting the updated version of the Seraph Towers Public Event. Required for the Almighty Title, players will need to complete the flawless version of this event. This is easier said than done since going flawless requires quite a few players. The problem is, you can only bring a fireteam of three so you will be largely relying on random Guardians running around the patrol space.

How to Flawless Seraph Towers

When the Public Event starts, go to the tower and defend it from enemies trying to step on the plate. You’ll want to make sure you get the maximum of 6 orbs that drop when the tower is fully charged. Repeat this process as you normally would until you hit 36%. Once this happens, a second tower will rise up from the ground and begin drawing enemies towards it. You will now need to defend both towers and ensure that not a single one spits out less than six orbs.

Additionally, the end of each round will spawn a mini-boss that is exceptionally tanky. We recommend saving your Heavy Weapons for these enemies, as they can punch a hole through your defenses. Xenophage, Izanagi’s Burden, One Thousand Voices, and Love and Death are all superb for taking down bosses. You’ll want to run mob clearing Supers to deal with any enemies that attempt to step on the plate. Both towers ill disperse six orbs each if fully charged, which can be tossed at the floating ball in the air to move it.

This process will continue until you reach 100% and force the towers to lower. Now all you have to do is kill two Champions before the timer expires. Try to prioritize throwing the orbs and make sure to land your shots. Missing will force you to repeat the cycle again, which will be a massive headache and detrimental to your run.

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If you have big fireteam this is actually not that tricky of a Public Event. The challenge is actually getting 7-9 people to help participate. With no matchmaking, the only real method is to form a team of six and then try to invite others into random player’s fireteams that are also hanging about. It’s a very ineloquent method, but I have had some success using DestinyLFG.

As for where you should attempt this Public Event, we strongly recommend avoiding the EDZ and Io. Both have obnoxious enemies that can be difficult to deal with. Io’s Cabal has a tendency to just jump onto the plate, while the Fallen’s invisible Vandals are an absolute nightmare to deal with. The Moon when the Hive is attacking is the best choice since they have easy to kill enemies and their routes to the plate are very predictable.

This event will take a bit of luck since you are very reliant on having other teammates. While it can be done with just three people, it’s highly unlikely that the average group of random users will complete this. Instead, keep trying to find additional players by loading into the zone and leaving. Obviously this isn’t ideal, but finding others is your only real avenue to victory.


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