Destiny 2 Candy Guide – Where to Farm Candy During Festival of the Lost

Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost celebration has returned, so it’s time to dawn your spookiest outfit and invade the Haunted Forest. Similar to last year, players who participate in this event can farm this returning activity for either the Horror Story or BrayTech Werewolf auto rifles. Along with these guns, players can earn a mummified exotic Ghost, Sparrow, and ship from Eva. Unlike previous events where these are typically locked behind Silver, players can earn these by just participating in the event. However, you will need a massive amount of candy to purchase these items.

How to Get Candy

If you want candy then you’ll need to dawn one of the Festival of the Lost masks. These are given out by Eva in The Tower’s courtyard and you’re required to pick one up to progress the event’s quest. Once you have the mask, throw it on, and start killing enemies. Your primary method of earn candy is by killing any enemies of the Darkness or opposing Guardians while wearing a mask. When you kill an enemy they have a chance to drop a blue triangle, which you can run over to collect some candy. Bosses drop slightly more candy, but your main source will be regular red and orange bar enemies. Additionally, you can earn candy by completing activities or opening chests in the Haunted Forest.

Where to Farm Candy

Thankfully, there are a few decent locations where you can farm candy for the event. The first is in The Whisper mission found on Io. About halfway through this timed area, you’ll reach a large room filled with grass. Instead of progressing forward, jump through the crack in the floor to the platforms below. Down here, endless waves of Shadow Thrall will spawn, all of which can spawn candy when they die. While the activity is timed, you can easily kill hundreds of Shadow Thrall before you’re booted back to orbit.

Alternatively, both the Leviathan’s Castellum and Mars’ Escalation Protocol are also superb farm spots. The later is definitely better as you’ll have a ton of bosses to kill, but this requires a group to complete efficiently. You should also consider Nightfall: The Ordeal, as it will not only be filled with enemies to kill, but double rewards are active this week. This gives you a nice bonus supply of materials for Beyond Light, along with the potential to earn Cipher Decoders to use in the Haunted Forest.

If you prefer to kill Guardians, I suggest the Control playlist as any kill will award you 4 candy. You don’t even need to land the final blow, so long as you deal damage to your foe before they die. This allows a skilled player to quickly rack up a lot of candy in a single match. Make sure to keep an eye out next week, as it’s possible either Mayhem or the Scorched game modes will return. These would be the best PVP way of farming candy since death is very swift and matches are often quite fast.

Just remember, in order to unlock the ship, Sparrow, and Ghost Shell, you’ll need to also complete the


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