Destiny 2 Exodus-Focused Umbral Engram Guide – How to Get These New Engrams

There are a few ways you may encounter the name Exodus-Focused Umbral Engram in Destiny 2. For one, it’s a required task for the Basic Focus triumph this season. You may also have heard of the weapons that they drop and you want a chance at those. Either way, there’s currently only one method to obtain these new Umbral Engrams and they’re going to require some grinding. The good news? You can earn up to eight per week so you at least have lots of chances before the season ends.

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How to Get Exodus-Focused Umbral Engrams

As the name implies, these engrams come exclusively from the planets which we’re currently evacuating. You can’t earn them, however, until you’ve completed the respective planets quest step in the Exodus: Preperation quest. You can currently pick that up from Zavala.

Once the quest asks you to speak to Ana Bray, Sloane, Asher Mir, or Brother Vance, you’ll have unlocked new weekly bounties which reward these Exodus-Focused Umbral Engrams among other things. This is the only way to obtain these engrams. You can not refine regular Umbral Engrams into these via Umbral Focusing in the Prismatic Recaster.

What Do Exodus-Focused Umbral Engrams Contain?

Exodus-Focused Umbral Engrams contain one of four weapons:

  • Berenger’s Memory – Grenade Launcher
  • IKELOS SG V1.0.2 – Sniper Rifle
  • IKELOS SMG V1.0.2 – Submachine Gun
  • First In, Last Out – Shotgun

In short, these are the only way to get new random rolled versions of the IKELOS sniper and SMG. The IKELOS shotgun is also available now, albeit only from the Prophecy dungeon.

All of these are reissued weapons which means they have a Power Limit of 1360 and will be good for multiple seasons.

Assuming you have Umbral Enhancement II, these contain the usual bonus shaders. No special options here.

Wondering what the god rolls on those new weapons are? Stay tuned! We’ll have them available for you as soon as possible.

How to Focus an Umbral Engram

Again, there’s currently no way to get these engrams from the Pristmatic Recaster via focusing, however, we’re going to include how to focus engrams just in case Bungie does add them down the line.

Once you have an Umbral Engram, return to The Tower and interact with the Prismatic Recaster. Select the Umbral Focusing tab to open up a new menu that shows off several rows of different engrams with symbols on them. This is where you get to decide what type of Engram you are going to make. For now, you will only be able to choose between a new Season of Arrivals weapon engram, an armor engram, a Legacy Engram, and one that drops Gambit loot. More types of Focused Engrams will unlock as you progress through the Season Pass (not upgrades for the machine). 

Creating one will cost you an Umbral Engram and some Altered Element. While you do get some free Weekly Focuses, you’ll eventually need to spend some materials to transform them. You can get Altered Elements from completing Prismatic Recaster Daily Bounties, which are fairly simple and shouldn’t require a ton of effort. After you’ve picked what you want your Focus Engram to be, head over to the Umbral Decoder behind you to claim your reward!


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