Destiny 2 Exodus: Evacuation & Preparation Quest Guide – All Traveler’s Chosen Quest Steps

Remember the first pistol you start off with in Destiny 2? Back when the Tower was being assaulted before Ghaul kicked you, 300 style, off of the highest parapet possible. Bungie is bringing it back as an all-new exotic which is rewarded from a new Evacuation quest line. They couldn’t just delete four planets without providing an in game reason, now could they? This massive effort has a total of 22 quest steps and rewards the “new” Traveler’s Chosen exotic pistol.

Note: If you are reading this on September 8th, please skip all the steps until you hit Step 14. Thats where today’s quest begins. 

Destiny 2 Traveler’s Chosen Stats

Admittedly, we aren’t sure how you consume stacks of Gathering Light, but we’ll find out soon enough.

  • Type: Sidearm
  • Gathering Light: Each final blow with this weapon grants a stack of Gathering Light (Guardian defeats add 3 stacks), to consume stacks, granting melee, grenade, and class ability energy based on the number of stacks.
  • Gift of the Traveler: Each stack of Gathering Light improves this weapon’s reload, handling, and target acquisition.
  • Magazine: 15
  • RPM: 300

destiny 2 travelers chosen

Evacuation Quest Steps – Traveler’s Chosen Exotic Quest

The first step of this quest became available on July 7, 2020 and is titled Exodus: Preparation.

To start the quest, speak to Zavala in the Tower.

Step 1: Preparation: Titan – Speak to Sloane on Titan

Most of this quest involves doing to each of the four planets that are leaving Destiny 2 come this fall’s expansion. After talking to each of them, you’ll be asked to do a single weekly bounty from them; these are new and give you Exodus-Focused Umbral Engrams.

Speak to Deputy Commander Sloane on Titan and offer to assist her.

“Sloane has held Titan against innumerable threats. This will be just another day at the office for her.” —Commander Zavala

Step 2: Task at Hand – Complete a Sloane Weekly Bounty

Grab one of Sloane’s two weekly bounties and complete it. This week they involve killing Hive and either doing three patrols or doing one Titan strike.

Complete a weekly bounty for Sloane to help her defend against the Pyramid.

“We’re sitting on a trove of Golden Age tech. Let’s use what we have.” —Deputy Commander Sloane

Step 3: Fortifying Titan – Return to Sloane

Return to Sloane. “Some thought the Hive would flee from the Pyramids. We’re not that lucky.” —Deputy Commander Sloane

Step 4: Preparation: Io – Speak to Asher Mir on Io

Now we head on over to Io where Asher is finally ready to address the pyramid which has been there for weeks.

Speak to Asher Mir on Io and offer to assist him.

“Not even our prickly Gensym scribe can stand alone against the Pyramids.” —Commander Zavala

Step 5: Novel Data – Complete an Asher Weekly Bounty

Grab one of Asher’s two weekly bounties and complete them.

Complete a weekly bounty for Asher to help him study the Pyramid.

“What is that detestable polyhedron planning up there?” —Asher Mir

Step 6: Plotting a Downfall – Return to Asher

Return to Asher with the data from the completed bounty.

“Every scrap of data is precious. No observation is insignificant.” —Asher Mir

Step 7: Report to Zavala – Head Back to the Tower

Status update! Back to Zavala in the Tower for next steps.

Return to Zavala for further instructions.

“Science does not hurry because the commander orders it to!” —Asher Mir

Step 8: Preparation: Mercury – Speak to Brother Vance on Mercury

Somehow the pyramid ships have reached Mercury and not Earth, but hey, we’ll let it slide.

Speak to Brother Vance on Mercury and offer to assist him.

“Zavala’s call was prophesized. But then, most things are.” —Brother Vance

Step 9: A Hymnal Opens – Complete an Vance Weekly Bounty

Grab one of Vance’s two weekly bounties and complete them.

Complete a weekly bounty for Vance to help him secure the Infinite Forest.

“We are no longer merely reacting to prophecy. Things are about to change.” —Brother Vance

Step 10: A Brother’s Guidance – Return to Vance

Return to Vance.

“Another note. Another chime. Another stone in the bridge.” —Brother Vance

Step 11: Preparation: Mars – Speak to Ana Bray on Mars

One more to go!

Speak to Ana Bray on Mars and offer to assist her.

“After Rasputin’s destruction, Ana withdrew to Mars. Help her in any way you can.” —Commander Zavala

Step 12: Braytech Support – Complete an Ana Bray Weekly Bounty

Grab one of Vance’s two weekly bounties and complete them.

Complete a weekly bounty for Ana while she researches Rasputin’s destruction.

“Nothing will stop me now. Nothing.” —Ana Bray

Step 13: Shades of Red – Return to Ana Bray

Return to Ana.

“An ancient figure shared his name. Someone notoriously hard to kill.” —Rahool

Exodus Evacuation Quest Steps (September 8th Update)

Step 14: Return to Zavala – Head Back to the Tower

And that’s it for the first half of this quest! The next step, actually evacuating the planets isn’t available just yet. We don’t expect it to be ready until much closer to the next expansion in September.

Speak to Zavala in the Tower.

“Above all else, we stand together.” —Commander Zavala

Step 15: Evacuation: Io – Speak to Asher on Io

The second step of this quest is not yet available and is titled Exodus: Evacuation. It has so many steps because we need to evacuate each of the planetary vendors, one by one. We start things off with Asher on Io.

Meet Asher on Io and tell him Zavala has ordered him to evacuate.

“It’s easy to imagine Asher doesn’t know how people talk about him, but the man doesn’t miss much.” —Ikora Rey

Step 16: Observer Effect – Complete Lost Sector, Gather Traces of Corruption

Pretty straightforward step here. Complete the Sanctum Lost Sector and defeat the Taken Phalanx Barrism within then gather 25 Traces of Corruption from Taken enemies. You can find the Sanctum of Bones Lost Sector directly to the left of The Rupture’s spawn location. You should be able to complete this entire step by just going through this Lost Sector. I do recommend saving your heavy to the end because there’s a second boss who is pretty beefy.

Help Asher investigate the Pyramid’s influence on Io:

• Collect a sample from Taken Phalanx Barrism in Lost Sector: Sanctum of Bones located in the Rupture close to Asher Mir.

• Investigate the chest in Sanctum of Bones.

• Collect Traces of Corruption by defeating Taken on Io.

“If something is meddling with my data, I believe we should meddle back.” —Asher Mir

Step 17: Into the Pyramidion – Complete Pyramidion Strike, Gather Scan Traces

Seems like the answer to everything on Io is “go into the Pyramidion to investigate.” You only need a total of 40 Scan Traces from Vex, so this step should be pretty quick. Just make sure to manually select the strike on the Io map, don’t resort to hoping you get it in the Strike playlist. This is another step you can complete in a single activity, so load up the Pyramidion and make sure to damage every Vex at least once. Otherwise, you won’t get credit for the kill and will miss out on Scan Traces.

Complete the Pyramidion strike, and collect Scan Traces by defeating Vex anywhere on Io.

“The black ship’s scans may be targeting the Pyramidion. I hope I am mistaken, but that is a rarity.” —Asher Mir

Step 18: Double Blind – Complete Heroic Unexpected Guests Adventure

The next step is to complete the Heroic variant of the Unexpected Guests Adventure. This can be found on the Io Destination map screen just below where The Whisper’s mission is located. There are no changes to this Adventure outside of the actual difficulty. Don’t expect any new story moments either, so power through it as fast as possible.

Complete the adventure “Unexpected Guests (Heroic)” to learn what’s behind the spike in Taken activity.

“Eris has a theory that the Taken are being manipulated. Can you confirm?” —Ikora Rey

Step 19: Fleischman-Aschheim Axiom – Return to Asher

Listen, don’t ask us about the name of this quest step. Just go back to Asher.

Return to Asher with your findings.

“This unaccredited prismatoid presumes to stand on my shoulders?” —Asher Mir

Step 20: Evacuation: Titan – Visit Sloane on Titan

Now we move onto Titan and Sloane.

Meet Sloane on Titan and tell her Zavala’s concerns.

“The mindset that you are invulnerable only gets you so far.” —Commander Zavala

Step 21: Clearing the Decks – Complete Methane Flush Lost Sector

Another simple Lost Sector task that you can easily complete. This Lost Sector is located directly next top where Sloan is in Siren’s Watch.

•Defeat Hive Knight Dek-Thra in Lost Sector: Methane Flush located in Siren’s Watch near Commander Sloane.

•Open the chest in Methane Flush.

“The servants of Savathûn hide beneath us, whispering madness through thin walls.” —Eris Morn

Step 22: Asset Interception – Open Chests in Solarium and Festering Halls

For this step, you will need to first head to the Solarium and kill the large Knight that is in the main atrium. Once it’s dead, you can open up the chest to earn the Golden Age Tech. Now while you’re in the atrium, turn right and head through the door. Follow the path until you reach the Festering Halls. You will need to kill two Orges, each of which will drop a chest. These can be found in the first and last room of the FGestering Halls.

Open chests protected by Hive Ultras in the Solarium and Festering Halls to claim their Golden Age tech.

“The Hive made this tech their priority. Let’s see what’s so important.” —Deputy Commander Sloane

Step 23: Be the Wall – Complete Savathun’s Song Strike, Gather Tech Fragments

Once again, select Savathun’s Strike from the Titan navigation map and run that. You’ll like gather the 25 required Tech Fragments from that strike alone. I do recommend you keep reloading the strike until you get the Hive variant, otherwise, you will need to go some grinding outside of the mission to earn all the Tech Fragments.

Complete the strike “Savathûn’s Song,” and defeat Hive Ogres, Wizards, and Knights on Titan to collect Tech Fragments.

“The thing that concerns me is they’re acting like they’ve already won.” —Deputy Commander Sloane

Step 24: The Will of a Titan – Return to Sloane

And now we head back to Sloane before moving on to the next location.

Return to Sloane with your report.

“I fought shoulder-to-shoulder with Zavala and Shaxx. I still do.” —Deputy Commander Sloane

Step 25: Report to Zavala – Go to Zavala

Okay, maybe we lied. Back to Zavala first and then onto the next location. But hey, at least you got a curated Mindbender’s Ambition to ruin everyone’s day in Crucible.

Return to Zavala for further instructions.

Step 26: Evacuation: Mercury – Talk to Brother Vance on Mercury

Well, we’re locking down the Infinite Forest. Time to break the news to Vance.

Meet Brother Vance on Mercury and tell him Zavala has ordered him to evacuate.

“Bring Vance this prophecy: Lock down the Infinite Forest and report to the Tower.” —Commander Zavala

Step 27: A Shattered Future – Complete A Garden World Strike

Strike time again. Delve into the Infinite Forest in A Garden World strike and collect 15 Timeline Fractures. Vance actually seems to be enjoying this whole process which is surprising. All of this can be completed in one run of A Garden World, so you shouldn’t need to grind elsewhere.

Complete strike “A Garden World” and defeat Hydras, Minotaurs, and Cyclopses on Mercury to collect Timeline Fractures.

“It’s breaking apart, but the sound as it splinters is so beautiful.” —Brother Vance

Step 28: In His Footsteps – Complete Tree of Probabilities Strike

We’re not done with strikes just yet though. Next up is the Tree of Probabilities and Traces of Osiris collection. Just like the previous quest step, all of this can be finished in this strike. Just focus on killing all the Cabal you come across and you’ll be done in no time.

Complete strike “Tree of Probabilities” and defeat Cabal on Mercury to collect Traces of Osiris.

“Osiris moved through the Forest as a god. We must deal with the repercussions as mortals.” —Brother Vance

Step 29: A Disciple’s Plea – Complete Heroic Bug in the System Adventure

And now a final favor for Brother Vance before we leave Mercury behind.

Complete the adventure “Bug in the System (Heroic).”

“The tones are faster now. A pattern. A chorus.” —Brother Vance

Step 30: Better Days Ahead – Return to Brother Vance

One more planet to evacuate now: Mars.

Return to Vance with your findings.

“I see now.” —Brother Vance

Step 31: Evacuation: Mars – Talk to Ana Bray on Mars

Apparently Rasputin survived the attack by the Darkness and we need to help get it off planet.

Meet Ana Bray on Mars and tell her Zavala has ordered her to evacuate.

“Ana’s safety is the top priority, but if Rasputin truly survived… we don’t leave Guardians behind.” —Commander Zavala

Step 32: Signs of Life – Talk to Ana Bray on Mars

For this step, you will need to go interact with a console terminal on the way to Rasputin. From Ana Bray, head through the door to the left and follow the path until you reach Aurora Reach. As you progress through this area, past the exterior catwalks, you’ll enter a room where you normally have to jump down. Instead, jump across to the other side of the room and slip through the vent. On the other side of the room, you will find a computer you can interact with. This will appear as a white diamond on your map.

Investigate Mindlab: Rasputin for a signal from Rasputin.

“Talk to me, Big Red. Any way you can.” —Ana Bray

Step 33: Recycled Components – Defeat Escalation Protocol Bosses

Time for a last hurrah for Escalation Protocol. Gather a total of five Rasputin Frame Pieces, presumably from five Escalation Protocol bosses. Remember that you can redo the final two waves over and over once you get there. No reason to do the entire process every single time.

Defeat bosses in Escalation Protocol to collect pieces of Rasputin’s shattered frame.

“I need those pieces. It’s okay if they come back messy.” —Ana Bray

Step 34: Signal Shielding – Complete Heroic Deathly Tremors Adventure

This is the last real step. Just complete the Heroic Deathly Tremors adventure and Traveler’s Chosen is practically yours! This is a very easy Adventure and you can speed through it if you just destroy the Hive Totems and don’t worry about the mobs around them.

Complete the adventure “Deathly Tremors (Heroic)” to stop the Hive interference.

“The Hive’s ceaseless chittering lurches and ebbs its sickening cadence.” —Eris Morn

Step 35: Force Reboot – Return to Ana

Oops. Turns out Rasputin didn’t make it. Seriously going to miss that aesthetic. Hopefully, Rasputin’s subminds — namely Charlemagne in the Cosmodrome — are somehow alive.

Return to Ana with your findings.

“They destroyed Rasputin… and the Traveler let them.” —Commander Zavala

Step 36: Report to Zavala– Return to Zavala

Sounds like this is going to be a tough mission to celebrate, but at least you now have Traveler’s Chosen.

Return to Zavala in the Tower.

“You won’t have to explain this to Zavala. He, of all people, will understand.” —Deputy Commander Sloane


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  1. Why on earth did they choose to make it this long? Bungie can’t do anything in half measures, they either make something really short or really long. This quest line is incredibly tedious as with most things in the game it asks us to do things we’ve done 100 times or more. A simple questline with maybe a small cinematic where we find the weapon or are given the weapon would have been more than enough.

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