Destiny 2 Error Code Beaver Guide – What is it & Can You Fix It?

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The Destiny 2 Beaver error might just be the scariest enemy in the game right now. It’s a universe filled with all sorts of terrifying aliens, horrific weapons, and intimidating raid bosses that want to crush you under their feet. Yet the most horrific of all these beasts is the seemingly ubiquitous bug, otherwise known as Error Code: Beaver. This glitch has plagued Destiny 2 for ages. It often appears at the worst times, too, such as during Trials of Osiris  or when gathering bounties in the Tower. Given the frequency of Beaver errors, especially on PC, one has to wonder if there’s any way to minimize its appearance.

What is a Destiny 2 Beaver Error?

According to Bungie’s website, a Beaver error is “caused by a failure to connect your console to another player via the internet.” Bungie explains that it could be due to packet loss, specific Wi-Fi setups, ISP saturation, internet congestion, network or router configuration issues… The list goes on and isn’t terribly helpful. In the post, the dev explained that multiple consoles connecting to the internet through a single router is the most common issue. You can check your NAT type and router ports by going to Settings and then Gameplay. At the bottom, you will see the Network Data subheading, along with your connection information.

I can hear you furiously typing in the comments section about how your connection is fine. This doesn’t happen anywhere else! If you’ve checked your router, internet connection, and speed, then you’re right. The problem is most likely on Bungie’s end. Ever since the game moved to Steam, there have been a high number of reports about Beaver errors. The game’s Steam Discussion page is filled to burst with users discussing the frequency of this error code appearance.

One factor could be that Destiny uses a peer-to-peer connection, rather than dedicated servers like a lot of other big games. There’s also the sheer volume of cheaters using DDoS attacks during more competitive modes such as Trials of Osiris. Bungie acknowledges the rather high rate of Beaver codes popping up on PC. According to weekly updates, the team has been investigating it for months now. Though there haven’t been any significant changes. I recommend keeping an eye on Bungie Help to always see when the team is working on the game.

How to Avoid the Destiny 2 Beaver Error

Many players report getting the Beaver bug most frequently in the Tower. Anecdotally, we’ve gotten it there a lot, too. That’s not great since you need to hit the Tower frequently to gather bounties, complete quests, check your inbox, and more. It’s also not exclusive to that area. We’ve gotten the glitch in the Tangled Shore, jumping into Gambit, and more. There really doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason.

One tiny way to help useful is using an out-of-game application or the Destiny 2 app. We recommend Destiny Item Manager for… managing your Destiny items. That way you can reduce the amount of time you spend on the Tower, going through your inventory there. Not to mention external apps like this are a lot better than manually moving your gear around in Destiny 2 anyway.

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Can I Fix the Beaver Error?

There are a few ways you can try and mitigate Beaver errors. Unfortunately, they’re not guaranteed to work. One method is enabling the UPnP settings on your router. This method requires you to log onto your router’s control panel and located the UPnP setting, which is typically under Firewall or LAN. Once you enable UPnP, disconnect and reconnect all your devices. It’s a hassle!

Given the sheer number of different router types, we won’t go into detail for each one. The steps for accessing the UPnP setting will most likely be slightly different for each router. Make sure to consult Bungie’s website on UPnP if you run into any issues trying to enable it. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t enable Port Forwarding and UPnP at the same time.

Speaking of Port Forwarding, this is the second method Bungie recommends. However, it’s a very lengthy process. Similar to UPnP, the process depends on your router. If you follow this method I strongly recommend visiting this link, which gives a more in-depth breakdown of this specific steps you need to take on any given box. Again, the steps may be slightly different depending on your router, so you’ll most likely need to do a little independent research if you run into issues.

Altogether this appears to be an issue with Destiny 2 and Steam itself. The Beaver error codes rarely appeared on Blizzard’s system. I only recommend the above steps if they are extremely persistent, otherwise, you may need to wait until Bungie manages to fix any errors happening on their end.


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