Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes Guide – How to Make Elemental Orbs (2020)

Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes event is finally here, so it’s time to slap on your favorite subclass and farm for elemental orbs. Not only do these orbs provide a damage boost depending on the day’s elemental affinity, but you’ll need to collect tons of them to upgrade your armor. However, Bungie doesn’t directly explain how these orbs work or how to create them in-game. Here’s everything you need to know about creating and farming elemental orbs during the Solstice of Heroes event.

(Author’s Note: We are basing off this information from the previous event since Bungie rarely makes changes from year to year. If there are any alterations or differences we will update the guide below!)

How to Make Elemental Orbs

You can make elemental orbs by using a weapon and equipping a subclass of that specific elemental type. For example, if you’re looking for Void Orbs, then you’ll want to equip a Void subclass and use a gun such as the Gnawing Hunger. Additionally, if you are using a Kinetic weapon then you’ll produce elemental orbs based on what your subclass is. However, I still recommend using an Elemental primary weapon like Hardlight so you can consistently spawn orbs during various activities. You’ll also want to use roaming Supers to ensure that you can kill as many enemies as possible, thus creating more orbs for you to collect. Finally, don’t sleep on weapons that boast the Ozmosis perk like Buzzard, as these guns gain elemental damage based on the type of grenade you throw.

If you are going to farm-specific types of orbs, here are some elemental Exotic weapons worth using.

  • Solar
    • Sunshot
    • Jotunn
    • Polaris Lance
    • Devil’s Ruin
  • Arc
    • Riskrunner
    • Trinity Ghoul
  • Void
    • Graviton Lance
    • Le Monarque
    • Ruinous Effigy

Where to Farm Elemental Orbs

Unfortunately, this event is all about maximizing your farming techniques if you want to finish the armor sets as quickly as possible. For just collecting orbs not tied to any specific activity, I recommend just farming enemy-heavy Lost Sectors such as the Tangled Shores’ Kingship Dock. Another method is to load into the Leviathan and just endlessly kill the Cabal spawning in the Castellum. Remember to always try and tackle multiple objectives at once, so if you’re tasked with killing Hive, try to complete an elemental orb challenge as well. You can find all the armor upgrade requirements by highlighting the gear in your inventory. Also, consider visiting either Escalation Protocol on Mars or the Blind Well in The Dreaming City since these areas spawn a comical amount of low-level mobs.

More Destiny 2

Some of the toughest orbs to collect are tied to strikes, but thankfully there’s a cheeky workaround that only requires a coordinated team. When you load into a strike such as The Pyramidion, don’t progress through the actual activity. Instead, turn around and hunt down a Pubic Event spawn point on the planet. I personally suggest doing this on Titan or Io since that’s where the Contact event spawns, allowing you to rack up a bunch of orbs with little effort. If this doesn’t sound fun to you, then some of the Strikes you’ll want to farm are The Corrupted, Festering Core, Strange Terrain, and A Garden World.

Just remember, you have until September 8th to complete the armor sets. This is a fair amount of time, so don’t burn yourself out the first week!


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