Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes Guide – How to Make Elemental Orbs (2021)

Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes event is finally here, so it’s time to slap on your favorite subclass and farm for elemental orbs. Not only do these orbs provide a damage boost depending on the day’s elemental affinity, but you’ll need to collect tons of them to upgrade your armor. However, Bungie doesn’t directly explain how these orbs work or how to create them in-game. Here’s everything you need to know about creating and farming elemental orbs during the Solstice of Heroes event.

How to Create Elemental Orbs

You can make elemental orbs by killing enemies. What orbs you make entirely depends on the elemental type of the weapon and subclass you have equipped. For example, if you need to make Solar Orbs, equip the Sunshot and start incinerating enemies to make those sweet orange orbs rain from the sky. You’ll always want to ensure that both your subclass and primary weapon are tied to the element you are currently farming. This will ensure that you can produce orbs consistently in whatever activity you’re doing. Remember to equip roaming Supers as well, since they will let you kill more enemies and produce more orbs. Finally, the Osmosis perk shouldn’t be overlooked, since it lets you deal elemental damage while using a Kinetic weapon.

If you are going to farm-specific types of orbs, here are some elemental Exotic weapons worth using.

  • Solar
    • Sunshot
    • Jotunn
    • Polaris Lance
    • Devil’s Ruin
  • Arc
    • Riskrunner
    • Trinity Ghoul
  • Void
    • Graviton Lance
    • Le Monarque
    • Ruinous Effigy

Where to Farm Elemental Orbs

Unfortunately, this event is all about maximizing your farming techniques if you want to finish the armor sets as quickly as possible. The absolute best place to farm is in The Shattered Throne dungeon in The Dreaming City destination. About halfway through this area, you’ll come across a hallway that spawns endless amounts of Shadow Thrall. All of the enemies here are very easy to kill and you’ll be able to just farm them endlessly without any real delay between their spawns. Another good place is the second encounter in the Last Wish raid. You can reach this area by going to the raid’s wishing wall and putting in the code for the Shuro Chi encounter. Once you arrive, drop a raid banner, and just keep killing the same densely packed room of enemies.

If neither of those sound appealing then you’ll want to farm enemies in the Altar of Sorrows, Blind Well, or Override activities. These have a ton of enemies that are very low level, making it perfect for just farming a ton of elemental orbs. Plus, your allies will be making orbs as well, allowing you to quickly complete any armor challenge tied to farming this returning item.

Remember, you’ll always want to try and complete multiple armor piece steps at a time. So if one of those steps requires you to obtain 200 Arc Orbs, try to do this in activities tied to other armor quests like getting EAZ or Strike clears. This will make it much less of a grind and allow you to save a lot of time when trying to improve your Solstice of Heroes armor


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