Destiny 2 Disintegration Farm Guide – How to Get Disintegration Kills

A new week means it’s time to complete another series of Destiny 2 quests for the Drifter. Similar to previous weeks, players will be tasked with finishing the Contact Public Event on Io (since Titan isn’t unlocked yet), getting disintegration kills, and completing another variant of the Interverance story mission. These have become a weekly ritual for many users, even though the steps do alter from time to time. Undoubtedly the hardest part of this week’s quest revolves around getting disintegration kills and by participating in the Menagerie, Crucible Survival, Crucible Elimination, Trials of Osiris, or Heroic adventures.

Here’s a breakdown of how to efficiently finish the Means to an End step and rack up those Umbral Traces!

How to Get Disintegration Kills

For the unfamiliar, disintegration kills are any final blows on an enemy that causes them to vaporize instead of exploding or just fall over. This can only be done with Void, Arc, and Solar weapons along with your various class abilities. Some of the best weapon archetypes for disintegration kills include fusion rifles and linear fusion rifles, as they always guarantee this type of death. Alternatively, if you have the masterworked Trinity Ghoul then I highly recommend using that. The chain-lightning damage counts as a disintegration, so you can easily just keep hip firing the three arrows to rack up the kills. Supers I recommend using include Arc Staff, Hammer of Sol, Nova Warp, and Stormtrance since they can wipe out a large number of enemies at once.

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Where to Farm Umbral Traces

You have a lot of options this week for farming activities, but far and away the best choice is the Menagerie. I was showered in Umbral Traces throughout the entire event thanks to the low-level foes I could use Trinity Ghoul against. Bosses also appear to reward a large amount of Umbral Traces, which is ideal since this activity is absolutely filled with them. It took me just one run to get all 100%, but this may vary depending on how dedicated your team is to getting disintegration kills over everything else.

Remember, the final boss has no time limit at all, so you can just farm enemies endlessly until you’ve made enough progress to complete the quest. Additionally, there’s no penalty for bailing out of the Menagerie once it’s finished, so just focus on collecting as many traces as possible. You cannot fail a normal run of this activity since there is no Darkness zone. How much progress you gain will largely depend on which activities you get during the run itself. I found I had the most success on The Hunted and Crystal rooms since these areas are absolutely filled to the brim with lower-tier foes.

So grab your favorite linear fusion rifle and start disintegrating any enemy that dares to stand before you!


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