Destiny 2 Braytech Transponder Guide – How The Scanner Buff Works

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is finally here after months and months of waiting. Acting as the next major chapter in this FPS/RPG hybrid, players will embark on a journey to Europa to battle against a Fallen leader called Eramis and learn more about the true nature of the Darkness. This expansion includes new characters, missions, endgame activities, weapons, exotics, and enemy types. Following the completion of the Deep Stone Crypt raid, a bunch of activities and content were released. This included two new exotics, a new weekly activity, and various changes to Europa such as the new Eclipsed Zone. There are also some new secrets which are only vaguely explained such as the Braytech Transponder and what to do with the Scanner buff you’ll pick up from a wandering Vandal.

Here’s how this new item works and why you should pick it up.

What is the Braytech Transponder

The Braytech Transponder is a weekly item that causes an enemy to spawn called the House of Salvation Techno Squad Leader in the Eclipse Zone. This is a yellow bar foe that is usually accompanied by normal rank and file enemies somewhere in the patrol area. Since the Eclipse Zone changes every week, you’ll want to head to whichever place has the large orange diamond displayed on the destination map. This item costs 50 Herealways Pieces and you can only buy one per week from Variks.

When you arrive, begin scouring the area for this new enemy, as he can spawn in several locations. For example in Eventide Ruins the Techno Squad Leader spawned on the left side of the area where the Lost Sector entrance is and way in the back where the giant Servitor Public Event takes place.

Once you find and kill this foe, he will drop an odd yellow looking hologram. If you’re unfamiliar with the new Deep Stone Crypt raid then this item won’t make a ton of sense. Once you pick up the object you will get a text display on the left side of your screen that should read “Scanner (Riss-Reborn Sector) x3.” The only part that will change is the location in the parentheses since that alters each week. With this buff, you’re tasked with destroying three swarms of flying drones to obtain a chest with a legendary Europa item and a Triumph. When you approach one of the designated drone colonies, you’ll see one of them glowing yellow. Shoot this one first until it’s destroyed, causing another drone in the group to turn yellow. Keep doing this until they are all wiped out and then interact with a flat console nearby.

Doing this will remove one stack from your Scanner buff, making it x2. You will then need to destroy two more squads of drones, which will reward you with some loot and progress towards your Triumph. At the time of writing this, we only have the Riis-Reborn Approach drone locations known. We will update this guide when the other two are released later today and next week.

Riis-Reborn Approach Scanner Drones

Dones 1 & 2

The first two clumps of drones can be found on either side of the bridge connecting the two major buildings. This is where Fallen and Vex enemies typically spawn, so make sure to clear them out first. You can find the control panels for each drone along the right side of the guard rail. The drone locations are circled in the photo above, however, I took these pictures after clearing out the drones myself.

Drone 3

Once you blow up the two drone squads on the bridge, head inside and go through the door on the right. Follow the hallway and ride the elevator up to the next floor. Go upstairs, kill all the enemies wandering around, and look up. You should see the last group of drones flying around the room. Once they are destroyed, just interact with the control panel along the right wall to earn your reward.

Vex Sectors Scanner Drones – Well of Infinitude


Destiny 2 Vex Sectors

Drones 1 & 2 

The next two drones are right by one another in the Well of Infinitude. Progress to the large room that’s typically sealed off by a vex shield. You will see the second set of drones hovering over the electric Vex energy below and the final group literally in the next room right above you. Blast them all and interact with their consoles to claim your reward for the week.

Drone 3

The final drone is all the way at the end of this patrol zone. It’s going to be right before the boss room, where the Brig usually drops in during the Empire Hunt. Kill the drones and interact with the computer to get the last of the Well of Infinitude drones.

Bray Exoscience Drones

Drone 1

The first drone is in the lobby of Bray Exoscience near the back left. Clear out the room of enemies and approach the corner where the drones are flying around. Blast them out of the sky and then interact with the computer to potentially earn some free loot.

Drone 2

You’ll find the second set of drones in the next large room if you take the back left door in the lobby. This one is easy to miss since the drones are zipping over your head, so after you kill the Shanks and Dregs, look to the right side of the room.

Drone 3

The last set of Bray Exoscience drones are located in the long hallway just before the dark blue room. These are easy to find since there is only one linear, long hallway in this area. Once the enemies are all dead, destroy the drones to clear out this area and check off the Bray Exoscience area for your Triumph.

Kell’s Rising Drones

Drone 1

If you’ve been following my guide then you should already have the Riis-Reborn Approach drones destroyed. Since those early ones are destroyed, we will need to venture deeper into the Fallen stronghold to find our next three swarms. These are located in Kell’s Rising, that massive factory you visited during the Salvation’s Grip quest. When you arrive in this area, follow your path outside until you head into the factory where the Vex and Fallen are fighting. The first set of drones are on the first floor to the right of the catwalk where the Fallen enemies are.

Drone 2

The second swarm of drones isn’t too far away, so follow the path until you reach an area where you’ll need to climb some stairs and jump up onto raised platforms. The drones will be on one of these platforms along with the console. You’ll also have some Exploding Shanks and a Servitor to deal with.

Drone 3

Now climb your way through the factory until you reach a large platform where some more Fallen are waiting. This will be the area where you fought the Spidertank during a much earlier story mission. Just be careful making your way over, if you fall to your death then you’ll lose the Scanner buff and need to hunt it down again. The last set of drones are flying around on the right.

Nexus Drones

Destiny 2 Vex Sectors

Drone 1

The drones for Nexus are pretty easy to find. When you arrive go to the right towards the Vex enemies and you should see the little bots flying around.

Drones 2 & 3

After you destroy the drones on the right, turn around and begin to head up the left path. Fight your way through the Fallen and Vex enemies. You’ll see both groups of drones in each of the small Fallen encampments. One should be right in front of you, with the third one farther head in the distance.

Creation Drones

Drone 1

All of the drones for Creation can be found in the massive open room right before you reach Clovis’ big, dumb Exo head. The first is along the large white and red platform you can jump down on. You’ll see the drones hovering above you, so shoot them after killing all the Fallen.

Drone 2

Now jump down to the lower, green-colored platforms and face the direction you just came. You’ll see the second set of drones hovering near the orange transporter that transfers you back up top.

Drone 3

The final group of drones are at the very end of the platforms you’re on, on a ledge to the right of the exit door. If you’re looking for them, you should see these robots flying around in the distance.

Technocrat’s Iron Drones

Drone 1

The last of the Riis-Reborn Approach drones, you will need to head to Technocrat’s Iron this week. This can be done by taking the teleporter and then going down the hallway to the left when you exit the first room you’re warped to.  Follow the passageway until you go outside and are faced with a large circular platform swarming with Vex. After clearing out the enemies, you’ll see the drones buzzing around this large platform to the left.

Drone 2

The second group of drones is located deeper into the facility, so navigate through the depths of Technocrat’s Iron until you have to run along a conveyor belt. Once you enter the factory, the next group of drones will be along the righthand side of the track. Just make sure to kill the various Vex enemies first, as them poking you while you’re trying to shoot down the drones can be annoying.

Drone 3

You’ll find the final swarm of drones at the very end of Technocrat’s Iron in the large circular room. This one is more or less impossible to miss since you cannot progress beyond this location. Just keep traversing through Technocrat’s Iron until you reach this room. Kill the enemies inside and destroy the last of the drones in the back left corner.

Eternity Drones

Drone 1

The first set of drones is found early on in Eternity. To reach this location, head through Bray Exoscience via the door in the back of the lobby. After you go through an ice cave you’ll reach this world area. Once in Eternity, continue until you reach an area with a few small rooms connected by a long hallway. In one of those rooms you’ll see the drones hovering above you.

Drone 2

As for the second swarm of drones, these are located on the precarious catwalk you need to navigate. This will be near the end of the area, just before you ascend up the red hallway to the boss room. Kill any Fallen enemies that are hanging around and carefully shootdown the drones. Just make sure not to fall or you’ll lose your Scanner buff if you die!

Drone 3

Your final set of drones are in the boss room, which is accessible via the red hallway jumping section. Once you reach the top of the hall, turn right, and fall down the vent. Upon entering the boss room, you will find the last group of drones near the end of the long walkway in front of you. If you’ve been following along with me every week, this should be your last group of drones!


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  1. I can’t seem to see the “yellow glow” you mention. Is there a way to get them to glow a brighter color, or to even show brighter?

    1. It can be tricky to see sometimes. Just make sure you have the Scanner buff because you won’t see the glow without it. As for the settings, you could potentially try some of the different colorblind settings in the menu. This might not be a great fix, but it could help the right one stand out more.

  2. Is there any other reason to do these every week? Did anyone data mine to find out if it leads to something bigger? The rewards seem okay at best

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