Destiny 2 Bottom Dollar Guide – How to Get Bottom Dollar

Destiny 2’s Season of the Chosen is officially live, so grab your weapon of choice and get ready to face the Cabal horde. Revolving around stopping Emperor Calus’ daughter Caiatl from uniting the Cabal, players will need to take down various champions that are vying for a seat on her War Counsel. But who cares about all that, we’re here for the loot. Following this season’s release, a bunch of new weapons were introduced into the world loot pool, some of which are tied to core activities. One of these is the Bottom Dollar hand cannon, which is unfortunately linked to Gambit. This 120 RPM Aggressive Frame weapon has a rather deep perk pool making it a viable contender in the PVP meta.

How to Get Bottom Dollar

The only way to get Bottom Dollar is by playing Gambit matches. This weapon only has a chance to drop at the end of every Gambit match, regardless if you win or lose. Since Gambit Prime and regular Gambit were merged together in the Beyond Light expansion, this means only a single mode in the entirety of Destiny 2 has a chance at dropping Bottom Dollar. It’s possible that this weapon could drop from Gambit reward engrams, but I’ve turned in quite a few already and have gotten absolutely nothing.

Thankfully, there is a way to increase your chances of getting Bottom Dollar in Gambit. The first thing you’ll want to do is masterwork your Ghost, which only costs some Glimmer, Legendary Shards, and about a dozen Enhancement Cores. Doing this will unlock some new mods you can slot into your Ghost, one of which is Gambit Prosperity. Costing 3 Energy, this mod will increase your chances at an additional piece of legendary gear at the end of every Gambit match you win.

Yes, wins. This means you have to actually try and beat the other team. However, if you’re series about getting the Bottom Dollar I strongly recommend getting together an LFG group or some friends. Being able to coordinate while playing Gambit can make a huge difference — especially if you are trying to actually win. Also, the Eyes of Tomorrow is a dumb, comically powerful exotic weapon for Invaders. Be prepared to see a lot of it.

For those grinding out the Bottom Dollar, I recommend looking for perks like Outlaw, Rapid Hit, Feeding Frenzy, Wellspring, Thresh, and Rampage for PVE. These are some of the best perks in the PVE meta and work wonderfully on a powerful primary weapon like Bottom Dollar. As for PVP, Opening Shot, Rangefinder, Rampage, Slideshot, and Killing Wind are all terrific options. I’ll have an official god roll guide up later this month once I get as few other rolls and can do some testing. However, for now, these are the perks I suggest since they’re always going to be useful in any type of endgame or competitive activity.


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