The Best Gambit Weapons in Destiny 2 (February 2020 Season of Dawn Meta)

There are so many weapons in Destiny 2, Exotic or otherwise, that it can be really hard to know which weapons are best suited for PvE, Crucible, or Gambit. You’ve got a personal vault full of weapons, sure, but which ones should you actually be using? While it’s possible to just hop into Gambit and see what your teammates are using or what the invaders are killing you with, that’s not really a fun way to figure out what’s what. That’s why we’re here sharing the best Gambit weapons in the current meta so you can work out your loadout before diving into the game mode.

We’ll be listing at least ten options, while putting a spotlight on five of them, discussing why they’re so good to use. Keep in mind that you may need to do some adjusting depending on which weapons you don’t have and which slot you choose to outfit with an Exotic.

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Our picks are based off a combination of a few different sources. Our largest source is the Charlemagne Discord bot, which reports the current meta. Among other things, the bot tracks weapon popularity for each game mode. This is super useful to get our baseline information. We also use general community consensus from the Destiny subreddit and our own experiences playing Gambit and Gambit Prime.

This list was last updated on February 4, 2020.

Best Gambit Kinetic Weapons

Sweet Business / Steelfeather Repeater / Monte Carlo / Breakneck (Auto Rifle)

Sweet Business is the auto rifle for Gambit. With a huge clip, rapid fire rate, and high damage output, it’s hard for other weapons to compete with it when it comes to add clear. More importantly, it frees up the Power slot for a grenade launcher to help with boss DPS.

Most players are either using that or Monte Carlo at the moment. If you’re a big fan of melee kills, Monte Carlo is the auto rifle for you. Thanks to the Monte Carlo Method intrinsic perk, any damage dealt with this weapon reduces your melee cooldown. It also provides a small chance to fully recharge your melee ability with each kill. This helps with Markov Chain, another trait which provides a feedback loop with both melee and weapon kills powering it up.

For those without those, or who’d simply rather not use an exotic, Steelfeather Repeater or Breakneck is a solid choice.

Perfect Paradox / Dust Rock Blues (Shotgun)

Dust Rock Blues remains the go-to primary shotgun for many. It’s super easy to obtain and one of the best options which is why it stays on our list month after month. If you’ve managed a really good roll of Perfect Paradox it’s also incredibly solid!

No Turning Back (Bow)

Well it was fun while it lasted. In a recent updated Bungie hotfixed the bug which allowed Wish-Ender to do massive amounts of damage. Despite that, it’s still popular in Gambit though we don’t recommend it. We do put our weight behind No Turning Back, however. Everyone gets the bow from Petra Venj after completing the story mission, Scorned. If you’ve dismantled it already, Spider bounties also have a chance to drop a new one. The bow does not have random rolls so just focus on getting it back.

Randy’s Throwing Knife (Scout Rifle)

The Season of the Undying Crucible ritual weapon requires a significant number of Scout Rifle final blows. It was quite the grind last season and still is for many who are yet to earn it. The good news is folks still seem to be using it even though the season has ended. If you have it, feel free to equip it! It seems solid.

Bygones (Pulse Rifle)

Bygones has long been one of the benchmarks for a good pulse rifle. If you don’t have one yet, what are you doing? Try and get one with Feeding Frenzy and Kill Clip. It’ll help minimize the amount of time you’re stuck reloading and help you put down more enemies before running out of ammo.

The Mountaintop (Grenade Launcher)

Many experienced players turn to The Mountaintop, another pinnacle weapon, in their primary slot. With Mountaintop you’ll have good boss DPS while using an auto-fire energy weapon for close combat and a machine gun as wave clear.

Best Gambit Energy Weapons

The Recluse / Riskrunner (SMG)

SMGs continue to be the meta choice for the energy slot. Even with the latest nerfs, The Recluse is so powerful because it can rapidly eliminate adds. Kill an opponent with any weapon and the SMG will get a damage boost. Kills with The Recluse itself will increase reload speed for a short time. It is the best weapon in the game. Of course, getting it requires being very good at Crucible as it’s one of the Season of the Drifter Pinnacle weapons. If you haven’t earned it yet, we recommend the new solo queue competitive playlist.

Riskrunner is a viable alternative. It’s especially powerful if you find yourself fighting enemies that deal arc damage.

Subtle Calamity (Bow)

Subtle Calamity doesn’t take up an exotic slot and it offers a lot of the same power as Wish-Ender with the right perks. As someone with an Explosive Head + Dragonfly Subtle Calamity, I can assure you that good rolls perform incredibly well.

Symmetry (Scout Rifle)

Scout Rifles have never really been that great anywhere unless it was the Momentum Control in Crucible. Symmetry, however, looks like it might just be in the meta thanks to its perks. Not only is it full auto, but precision hits build up Arc Seeker charges. When you finally swap over to that mode by holding reload, these seekers track enemies and deal extra damage. They’re really good at clearing yellow bar adds or for when you’re invading the opposing team.

Jotunn (Fusion Rifle)

Jotunn is the lazy Guardian’s favorite fusion rifle. Fire in the general direction of an enemy and it’ll track them even if your aim was slightly off.

Lord of Wolves / IKELOS SG / Python / Mindbender’s Ambition (Shotgun)

Again, shotguns are popular thanks to folks trying to unlock Python. But also, with Season of Dawn, Lord of Wolves finally got its own exotic catalyst. It increases reload speed while Release the Wolves is active. When it’s not, the catalyst instead buffs stability. Because of that, the weapon has surged in popularity.

We recommend Mindbender’s Ambition if you have it. It’s a nightfall drop from the Hollowed Lair so make sure to play it every chance you get!

Best Gambit Power Weapons

Hammerhead / 21% Delirium / Xenophage / Thunderlord (Machine Gun)

Destiny 2 machine guns reign supreme when it comes to basic PVE encounters. No other power weapon can deal  large amounts of damage to a high number of enemies in a short amount of time without chewing up most of its ammo reserves. Just make sure you’re not using them against bosses during DPS phases. Bungie nerfed their effectiveness against bosses a few patches ago.

Hammerhead is so dominant because it has two major purposes: add clear and invasions. On PC, the machine gun has practically zero recoil, making it excellent at getting headshots at range.

The other machine gun options are great as well. Xenophage is a new addition, however, now that Bungie has buffed it to be good at one shotting enemies.

Truth / Bad Omens / Pyroclastic Flow / Zenobia-D (Rocket Launcher)

Truth will forever be popular and it’s always a solid choice. Legendary rocket launchers usually aren’t the best option, and yet they’re super popular with players. We certainly recommend choosing literally anything else on this list, but if you have to roll with a legendary rocket launcher, choose one of the above.

Tractor Cannon (Shotgun)

It’s never really a surprise when Tractor Cannon is popular. It’s definitely not around as frequently as it used to be, but that’s likely due to the strength of Solar subclasses combined with the nerf to The Recluse.

Update History

February 2020

  • Kinetic – Added Monte Carlo, The Mountaintop, Breakneck. Removed Parcel of Stardust, Cold Front.
  • Energy – Removed Last Man Standing.
  • Power – Removed Avalanche.

January 2020

  • Kinetic – Added No Turning Back, Bygones, Cold Front, Dust Rock Blues. Removed Threat Level, One Small Step, Exit Strategy, The Mountaintop.
  • Energy – Added Python, Jotunn. Removed Prophet of Doom, Wishbringer.
  • Power – Added Avalanche, Pyroclastic Flow, Zenobia-D. Removed Edgewise, Legend of Acrius, Wendigo GL3.

December 2019 (Season of Dawn Update)

  • Kinetic – Added Wish-Ender, Perfect Paradox, Steelfeather Repeater, Threat Level, Parcel of Stardust, One Small Step, Randy’s Throwing Knife. Removed Braytech Werewolf, Breakneck, Monte Carlo, SUROS Regime, Huckleberry, Ace of Spades, Malfeasance.
  • Energy – Added Added Lord of Wolves, Symmetry, IKELOS SG, Last Man Standing, Prophet of Doom, Mindbender’s Ambition, Wishbringer. Removed Bug-Out Bag, Subjunctive, Eriana’s Vow, Sunshot, Misfit, Arsenic Bite, Jotunn, Loaded Question.
  • Power – Added Tractor Cannon, Xenophage, Legend of Acrius, Edgewise. Removed Leviathan’s Bow, Zenobia-D, Edge Transit, Through Fire and Flood.

November 2019

  • Kinetic – Added Braytech Werewolf, Exit Strategy, SUROS Regime, Malfeasance. Removed Pillager, Bygones, Hazard of the Cast, Cerberus+1.
  • Energy – Added Subtle Calamity, Bug-Out Bag, Sunshot. Removed Arc Logic.
  • Power – Added Levithan’s Breath, Wendigo GL3, Through Fire and Flood. Removed A Fine Memorial, Deathbringer.

October 2019

  • Kinetic – Added Go Figure, Sweet Business, Hazard of the Cast, Monte Carlo, Pillager, Cerberus+1. Removed Blast Furnace, Outbreak Perfected, Spare Rations, Malfeasance, Austringer.
  • Energy – Added Eriana’s Vow, Subjunctive, Arc Logic. Removed Telesto, Le Monarque, Ikelos.
  • Power – Added Deathbringer, Zenobia-D, A Fine Memorial, Edge Transit. Removed Fixed Odds, One Thousand Voices, Outrageous Fortune, Swarm of the Raven, Tractor Cannon.

September 2019

  • Kinetic – Added Spare Rations, Malfeasance. Removed Go Figure, Bad Juju.
  • Energy – Added IKELOS, Misfit. Removed CALUS Mini-Tool, Sunshot.
  • Power – Added Bad Omens. Removed Bane of Sorrow.

August 2019

  • Kinetic – Added The Mountaintop and Go Figure. Removed Malfaesance and Lumina.
  • Energy – Added Riskrunner, CALUS Mini-Tool, Sunshot, and Telesto. Removed Trinity Ghoul and IKELOS Shotgun.
  • Power – Added Tractor Cannon, Outrageous Fortune, and Swarm of the Raven. Removed Bad Omens, Zenobia-D, and Wendigo GL3.

July 2019

  • Kinetic – Added Lumina, Bad Juju, and Malfeasance. Removed Wish-Ender, Spiteful Fang, Go Figure, The Mountaintop, Threat Level, and No Turning Back.
  • Energy – Added Loaded Question, CALUS Mini-Tool, and Beloved. Removed Telesto, Riskrunner, and The Vow.
  • Power – Added Fixed Odds and Wendigo GL3. Removed Outrageous Fortune, Edge Transit, and Tractor Cannon.

June 2019

  • Kinetic – Added Wish Ender, The Spiteful Fang, The Mountaintop, and Threat Level. Removed Thorn, Malfeasance, Midnight Coup, and The Huckleberry.
  • Energy – Added Le Monarque, Subtle Calamity, Arsenic Bite-4b, Trinity Ghoul, and The Vow. Removed Lord of Wolves, Misfit, Prometheus Lens, Trust, and Last Man Standing.
  • Power – Added Bane of Sorrow and Edge Transit. Removed Avalanche and Play of the Game.

May 2019

  • Kinetic – Added Outbreak Perfected. Removed Arbalest.
  • Energy – Removed The Ringing Nail, Kindled Orchid. Added Trust and Last Man Standing.
  • Power – Removed The Wardcliff Coil. Added Play of the Game.

April 2019

  • Kinetic – Added Arbalest. Removed Threat Level.
  • Energy –Added Kindled Orchid and The Recluse. Removed Badlander.
  • Power – Added Outrageous Fortune.

And that’s that four our guide to the best Gambit weapons in Destiny 2! Thanks for taking the time to check it out. We wish all of you trigger happy Guardians out there the best of luck with those motes of light.


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