The Best Crucible Weapons in Destiny 2 (March 2019)

There are so many weapons in Destiny 2, Exotic or otherwise, that it can be really hard to know which are are best suited for PvE, Crucible, or Gambit. You’ve got a bank full of weapons, sure! But which ones should you actually use? While it’s possible to just hop into Crucible and see what your teammates have, or what the other Guardians are killing you with, that’s not really a fun way to figure out what’s what. That’s why we’re here sharing the best Crucible weapons in Destiny 2. That way you can work out your loadout before diving into the game mode.

We’ll be listing at least 10 options, while putting a spotlight on five in particular. Keep in mind that you may need to do some adjusting depending on which weapons you don’t have and which slot you choose to outfit with an Exotic!

The Process

Our picks are based off a combination of a few different sources. The largest is what the Charlemagne Discord bot, which reports the current Destiny 2 meta, thinks about the state of things. Among other things, the bot tracks weapon popularity for each game mode. This is super useful to get our baseline information. We also use general community consensus from the Destiny subreddit and our own experiences playing Gambit and Gambit Prime.

This list was last updated on March 11 — nearly one week after the balance patch that came with Season of the Drifter.

Best Crucible Weapons – Kinetic

Ace of Spades / The Last Word

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the best weapons in Destiny 2 Crucible right now are hand cannons. Ace of Spades has been great since Forsaken came out. The only reason it has any kind of competition is due to The Last Word and its own Exotic quest in January.

Both of these hand cannons are fantastic in the Crucible. Ace of Spades comes with both Firefly, which causes enemies to explode, and Memento Mori. The latter is the biggest reason the hand cannon sees such frequent play. Not only does reloading after a kill give you more rounds in the next magazine, those rounds also do extra damage. And to top that all off, you get to keep your radar while aiming down the sights.

While The Last Word is built to fire from the hip. This gives you the precious advantage of being able to move and jump while others have to focus on landing their shots. Unlike other hand cannons, The Last Word is a rapid fire weapon. That means you can hold down the trigger and fire away. Landing these hip fire shots cause it to reload quicker and increase your accuracy each time.

Either of these options is great if you have the choice, but it does come at a cost. You can only have one Exotic weapon equipped at a time.

Dust Rock Blues

Remember that super generic Forsaken shotgun? Yeah. We don’t either. But hey, the good news is that you probably already have one of these.

With rapid fire shotguns getting the nerf hammer recently, Dust Rock Blues has quickly risen up as an underrated kinetic weapon. It’s a randomized drop, however, so there are some perks you’ll want to aim for. We recommend Full Choke, Accurized Rounds, Slideshot, and Rifled Barrel.

This is one shotgun with some range and that’s really helped make it one of the go-to shotguns in the Destiny 2 Crucible.

Blast Furnace / Bygones / Go Figure

We’re lumping Blast Furnace, Bygones, and Go Figure into one recommendation here since it really comes down to preference.

Blast Furnace is a Black Armory weapon dropped in the Izanami Forge. If you have access to that, shoot for Feeding Frenzy and Rampage. Those best complement the four-burst fire pattern as your kills increase reload speed and damage (up to three times), letting you keep reeling in kill after kill.

If you don’t have that, but are a fan of similar Pulse Rifles, we recommend Go Figure. It has the same four-burst fire pattern, but this one can’t roll with Feeding Frenzy, so we recommend Outlaw and Rampage instead. You can get Go Figure pretty much anywhere.

Bygones is a very different beast. It’s a slower 390 rounds per minute compared to Blast Furnace’s 450. It also has good all-around stats. That means you can optimize it as you like, increasing stability or handling. It’s a Gambit weapon, too, so just keep playing and you’re bound to get one. Shoot for full-auto and Kill Clip. This is a solid overall weapon that doesn’t pack as much of a punch, but allows you to keep that sight laser focused on opposing Guardians.

The Chaperone

If you didn’t get the gist of it when we were talking about Dust Rock Blues, range is key when it comes to Destiny 2 PvP shotguns right now. The Chaperone is the epitome of that. It fires just one precision slug which is further benefited by Hammer-Forged Rifling, increasing range, Accurized Rounds, again increasing range, Hand-Laid Stock for better stability, and The Roadborn, an Exotic perk. The Roadborn grants bonus handling, range, and precision damage after precision kills.

The idea is to kill someone with a headshot from decent range and quickly do the same… again and again and again.

Other Recommendations

Duke Mk. 44, Bite of the Fox, Vigilance Wing

Best Crucible Weapons – Energy

Luna’s Howl / Not Forgotten

Luna’s Howl is a great hand cannon. Some players would argue it’s the very best in Destiny 2, in fact. That’s not surprising considering the steps you need to complete to unlock it. If you played Destiny 2 last season, you likely have the Shock and Denial quest. Both of these weapons are part of that questline. If you didn’t play last season… sorry, you’re out of luck.

If you did, but haven’t completed the quests yet, check out our guide to unlock Luna’s Howl and upgrade it into Not Forgotten!


Jotunn is a unique Fusion Rifle that you can get from the Bergusia Forge as a random drop. The reason it’s so good? If you charge it long enough, its shots track opponents before exploding and applying burn damage.

Retold Tale / Wishbringer / Mindbender’s Ambition

All of these shotguns are solid options in the current Crucible. You can earn Retold Tale as a random drop in the Dreaming City. Mindbender’s Ambition is a Nightfall exclusive drop from the Hallowed Lair strike. If you don’t have either of those, Wishbringer is the best alternative.

Tatara Gaze / Twilight Oath

Snipers remain a great choice for Guardians looking to fight at range. Twilight Oath is a solid, fast-firing sniper which you can quickly swap out of to land hand cannon shots if needed. For those who like to destroy opponents with the sniper alone, Tatara Gaze is probably the best PvP sniper right now.

Other Good Weapons

IKELOS shotgun or Trust hand cannon.

Best Crucible Weapons – Power

Hammerhead / Thunderlord

Destiny 2 Machine Guns still reign supreme despite their nerfs. No other Power weapon can deal such large amounts of damage to such a high number of enemies in such a short amount of time. You get lots of rounds for these super accurate LMGs, which means you can stay relatively safe and hang back. It always feels good to not risk that Power ammo going to waste.

Tractor Cannon

Tractor Cannon has always been good, but with the shotgun class nerfs, this one stands out above the rest. It’s just so powerful and has a pretty wide spread. Plus it knocks enemies back! If you don’t kill them with the first shot, you’ll certainly get them with the second. Or you could just swap to a primary or secondary to finish them off.

The Wardcliff Coil

Wardcliff Coil got some incredible buffs in the last patch. Needless to say, that’s also helped it become one of the best PvP rocket launchers in the game.

Play of the Game / The Colony

Grenade launchers are actually in a pretty happy place. The Colony, just like Jotunn, can track down opposing Guardians which helps make up for missed shots.

One Thousand Voices

If you’re going to go for a linear fusion rifle, One Thousand Voices is the one to choose. While you are a little open to damage since the explosion is delayed, it also makes it much easier to land shots and eliminated multiple opponents at once.

Other Good Weapons

Avalanche, Bad Omens, Edge Transit

And that’s that four our guide to the best Crucible weapons in Destiny 2! Thanks for taking the time to check it out. We wish all of you trigger happy Guardians out there the best of luck in mowing down your friends.


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