Destiny 2 Almighty Title Guide – All Triumphs for Season of the Worthy Title

Bungie has made some significant changes to Destiny 2 with Season of the Worthy. Season 10 is a big departure from ritual weapons, but it’s also swapped up the title flow. Rather than trying to complete everything a season has to offer, there are three different titles to earn. So if you aren’t into Trials of Osiris, you can completely ignore that. This guide will run down everything the Destiny 2 Almighty title requires and offers tips on how to get it.

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Almighty Required Triumphs

The Almighty Title requires the completion of seven triumphs. For the most part, you just need to get together a fireteam with some friends to take down the Legendary Lost Sectors. To complete one without dying, we recommend hanging back and letting your friends take all of the risks. Just be sure to clear it with them! Don’t leave them thinking you’re just letting them do all of the work.

  • Full-stack Warmind Security – Fully upgrade all Seraph Bunkers.
  • Algorithm Efficiency – Clear all three Seraph Bunkers in a day.
  • Resolved Bugs: EDZ Legendary Lost Sectors – Complete each Legendary Lost Sector in the EDZ.
    • Scavenger’s Den (Legendary)
    • Skydock IV (Legendary)
    • The Quarry (Legendary)
  • Resolved Bugs: Io Legendary Lost Sectors – Complete each Legendary Lost Sector on Io
    • Aphix Conduit (Legendary)
    • Sanctum of Bones (Legendary)
    • Grove of Ulan-Tan (Legendary)
  • Resolved Bugs: Moon Legendary Lost Sectors – Complete each Legendary Lost Sector on the Moon
    • K1 Logistics (Legendary)
    • K1 Crew Quarters (Legendary)
    • K1 Communion (Legendary)
  • Object-Oriented – Complete a Legendary Lost Sector without dying
  • Hardcoded Victory – Complete a Seraph Tower Public Event without failing a single Support Tower charge cycle.

Season of the Worthy Badge Requirements

There is no Season 10 badge this time around. Bungie hasn’t said why though it might be due to the splitting of the titles. If all three required every piece of gear available, it wouldn’t make much sense to silo them off into their own titles.

If you still want the seasonal emblems and shaders though, here they are. Weirdly enough, they haven’t changed at all.

Settled Differences Emblem & Crucible Peppermint Shader – Seasonal Crucible Quest

Stronger Together – Rewards Shader

  • 900 Guardians defeated as a team
  • Reach Brave Valor Rank
  • 5 Crucible Victories

Team Spirit – Rewards Emblem

  • 2000 Guardians defeated as a team
  • Reach Heroic Valor Rank
  • 5 Rapidly defeated Guardians (As in rapidly defeat Guardians five times)

Fifteen Holding, Fifteen Down Emblem & Raw Idocrase Shader – Seasonal Gambit Quest

Tear It Up – Rewards Shader

  • 600 Enemies defeated
  • Reach Heroic Infamy Rank
  • 600 Motes banked

Show Off – Rewards Emblem

  • 1400 Enemies defeated
  • Reach Fabled Infamy Rank
  • 150 “Streak” (Description mentions Guardians defeated, but we’re unsure at the moment)

Strike Operator Emblem & Vanguard Flashfire Shader – Seasonal Vanguard Quest

Duty Driven – Rewards Shader

  • 30 Bosses defeated in Nightfall or playlist strikes
  • 400,000 Points earned in Nightfall or playlist strikes
  • 450 Enemies defeated with Solar damage

Molten Glory – Rewards Emblem

  • 75 Bosses defeated in Nightfall or playlist strikes
  • 1,000,000 Points earned in Nightfall or playlist strikes
  • 675 Enemies defeated with Solar damage

Hardcoded Victory

The final step requires you to complete the Flawless version of the Seraph Towers event. This means when both towers raise out of the ground at 36% you cannot let them ever spit out less than six orbs. Completing Hardcoded Victory is quite tricky since you’ll need quite a few players, despite the mode only allowing you a fireteam of three. Be prepared to make friends with a bunch of random players!

And that’s it! Best of luck grinding out the title this season. Looking for more Destiny 2 information? We have guides on all of the new exotics, what happened to this season’s ritual weapons (or lack thereof), and a full walkthrough for the new Seraph Tower public events.