Demon’s Souls PS5 Tower Knight Boss Guide – How to Defeat Tower Knight

Despite its size, the Tower Knight can be taken down with ease, thanks to a major weakness

You might’ve seen the Tower Knight in some of Demon’s Souls promotional material. It’s a deadly boss that can take you out very quickly if you don’t know what to do. Make one wrong move and the boss will step on you and take you out, effortlessly. Or, if you’re within range, it can obliterate you with devastating magic attacks. There’s a lot going against you in this fight, but we’ve got all the details for how to take down the Tower Knight with ease.

Even the Odds

As if the Tower Knight wasn’t deadly enough, it has a pack of minions all around the arena who shoot crossbow bolts at you throughout the fight. Because of this, we advise to make a beeline for the stairs right away to take out each enemy one-by-one. In total, there are around seven or so, and you’ll want to eliminate them all.

Make sure you don’t get within the line of sight of the Tower Knight while you make your way around the top of the arena, because it’ll shoot you with a high-damage Soul Ray. Carefully take out each enemy and when they’re all dead, make your way back down to the boss. Try to time your journey back down the steps right after the boss shoots a Soul Ray — otherwise, you’ll get hit as you come down.

Knock It Down!

The main tactic you’ll want to use when taking on the Tower Knight is to knock it on its back. You can do so by attacking its ankles. As you deal damage to its ankles, you’ll notice a blue mist will begin to emit, signifying you’re doing it right. Eventually, the boss will lose its balance and fall on its back. At this point, you’ll want to make sure you aren’t behind it, because it’ll fall on top of you, dealing lots of damage.

The key to knocking it down is to make sure you stay behind it without locking-on. Typically, we almost always advise to lock-on to your foes, but since the boss is so big, the camera can get wonky if you do so. It’s unnecessary, anyway.

If the boss jumps ahead, rush towards it while sticking to its right side (opposite of its weapon). It can be a little tricky to get behind it, but do your best to circle around so you aren’t in front. When the boss is about to stomp, make sure you back up to avoid the AOE blast. Then, run back behind it to attack its ankles.

Once it’s down, run over to its head and two-hand your melee weapon to dish out as many strikes as you can. Depending on which weapon you have, you can actually eliminate the boss by knocking it down only once. We used the Crescent Falchion+1 (found in the early portion of 4-1) to defeat it with ease.

If your weapon isn’t strong enough, you’ll need to do this multiple times. However, even with a weaker weapon, the boss is susceptible to being hit in the head, so do your best to knock it on its back. There are other strategies that involve using magic and ranged weapons, but these are tough to pull off since the Tower Knight can attack you from afar.


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