Demon’s Souls PS5 Storm King Guide – How to Beat This Boss

Make It Rain

The Storm King boss fight in Demon’s Souls is one of the more unique encounters in the game. Instead of fighting one deadly foe on land, a gigantic flying manta ray is thrown at you, along with its smaller (yet still massive) minions. The encounter takes place outside in the rain and it feels absolutely epic. Though, it can be tricky to figure out how to take the boss down, especially if you don’t have long ranged weapons. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the best method of defeating the Storm King in Demon’s Souls.

Prepare For Trouble

As soon as you initiate the fight, you’ll be met with several smaller Storm Beasts above you. These are the flying manta rays that you’ve seen throughout the world and they’re even deadlier in groups. Before you start fighting the Storm King, we advise to take out all of the Storm Beasts first. This will make it easier to focus on the boss without having to worry about getting hit with a barrage of spikes.

To do so, use arrows or Magic of some kind. If you’ve got the Compound Longbow from earlier in 4-1, you’ll have an easy time taking down the Storm Beasts as they come. Wait for them to be facing you, fire away, and then roll around to avoid the spikes. Eventually, the Storm King will appear.

To Stormrule or Not to Stormrule?

Here’s the thing about this fight: The game gives you the necessary tool to take down the boss, just in case you aren’t equipped with a long ranged weapon. That’s where the Stormruler comes into play. This is a sword found at the end of the arena by the large obelisks. It deals long range damage, which is great for taking down the boss from afar. However, as useful as it may seem, it doesn’t deal a ton of damage and using it can be very imprecise.

If you have to use the Stormruler, you should know where you need to stand so your attacks land. Basically, you need to get right behind the Storm King as it flies overhead. This seems to be the only surefire way to connect with the attack. You should also be aware that swinging the Stormruler drains all your stamina, so you’ll need some time before you can try again. Keep swinging as the boss makes its rounds.

There’s only one attack you need to watch out for, which involves the Storm King shooting several spikes at you. They come in two waves, one from the left and one from the right. Make sure you take cover behind the obelisks in the area and don’t pop out until the last spike is shot. Then, pop out and try to get a couple hits in.

The Stormruler isn’t great. It gets the job done, but if you have Magic or arrows with a decent bow, you should consider using them instead. This allows you to be more quick with your attacks since firing bows or Magic doesn’t drain your stamina the same way the Stormruler does.

If you stick right beneath the boss, you can fire around four shots before it’s out of reach. This is much more effective than trying to aim and line up the shot with the Stormruler. Wait for it to come around, stay away from the spikes, and shoot it with your Magic or bows a few more times.

Remember, if you’re going to use Magic, make sure you come equipped with the Kris Blade (hold it in your other hand as your catalyst), and the Ring Of Magical Sharpness to increase your magic output.


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