Demon’s Souls PS5 Old King Allant Guide – How to Cheese the Boss

A Magical, Poisonous Dance

Though Old King Allant isn’t the final boss of Demon’s Souls, many consider him to be since the real final boss is such a joke. Old King Allant is aggressive, insanely fast on his feet, and has a number of combos that can take you out in mere seconds. He even has a move that can drain your Soul level! This guy is tough, but fortunately, he can be cheesed if you come prepared. If you don’t have the necessary stats or items, you’ll have to face him normally. In this guide, we’ll show you everything you’ll need to know about defeating Old King Allant either by fighting him legitimately or by cheesing him.

The Poison Cheese

This boss is vicious and will likely give you a hard time. But there is a cheese strategy you can use that works a lot like the one we utilized with the Old Hero boss. To do so, you’ll need the Poison Cloud spell, the Thief’s Ring, and a lot of patience.

Start the fight with the Thief’s Ring equipped and wait for the boss to walk to the top of the stairs ahead. He’ll turn around and when he does, that’s your cue to slowly walk up the stairs behind him. Make your way all the way up to the top, just past the blue rug and you’ll be able to lock-on. Use the Poison Cloud spell on him and watch his health slowly drain. This will take a while, so come equipped with plenty of MP replenishing items.

You can basically stand right there and the boss won’t move at all. As long as you don’t get too close to him, you don’t need to do much at all. Just keep using Poison Cloud after it runs out.

Preparation is Key

If you aren’t equipped to cheese this boss, you’ll have to go toe-to-toe with him legitimately. The main strategy we like to use is a combination of long range Magic attacks mixed with up-close melee strikes. It’s an effective strategy that will keep you as safe as possible while dealing with this boss. Before you start, there are a few things you should have prepared ahead of time to make things go more smoothly.

For starters, get right to the elevator before the fight and save and quit the game. Then, upload the save to the cloud and turn off auto save syncing. This will ensure that you keep this save available when you need it. If the boss kills you, close the game and download the save from the cloud. This will place you right back in front of the boss without having to make the long journey back to him. It will limit your frustration and make it easier to keep trying.

In addition, make sure you come equipped with a high-damage weapon. If you’ve made it this far, you probably have something useful. Many players like the Large Sword of Moonlight, Dragon Bone Smasher, or Blessed Mirdan Hammer. All of these are great, but you’re free to use others. We used a Crescent Falchion+5 and while it wasn’t as powerful as some of the aforementioned weapons, it did the trick. Also, bring a heavy duty shield like the Tower Shield or Steel Shield. And of course, MP replenishing items will come in handy if you’re using magic.

Since you’ll be reloading your old save, you’re free to attempt the fight in Human form, without the risk of ruining your World Tendency ranking. If you die, just reload the save. And trust us, you’ll need the extra health you gain from being in Human form. As for Rings, we recommend using the Ring of Longevity and something to boost your Magic like the Ring of Magical Nature. Though other Rings are useful as well.

Finally, if you’ve saved this boss for last, make sure you’ve done everything else you wanted to do beforehand. Once you beat him, you’ll be unable to level up with The Maiden in Black, so do all your grinding ahead of time before you begin the fight.

Melee/Magic Strategy

Once you’re ready, pass through the fog and run up the steps to the boss. When he sees you, he’ll begin an attack, so you should become familiar with his moveset so you know what to do. If he puts his sword overhead and begins to yell, it means he’s about to lunge towards you, so roll out of the way and get behind him. At this point, get in as many two handed slashes as you can. He’ll likely do one of his followup close range attacks, which can be avoided by rolling behind him.

Stick behind him, and eventually, you’ll have to roll out of the way of his attacks to dodge his combos. It’s tough to stick right behind him at all times because of how fast he is. When you’ve got him at mid range, fire off some Homing Soul Arrows, Soul Rays, or whatever you’ve got that deals high ranged damage.

At this point, you should watch for him to begin charging up a devastating attack. He’ll stab his sword in the ground and begin yelling, while smoke appears around him. This is the attack you want. While he’s charging, he’s vulnerable, meaning you can run up, get several two-handed strikes in, and follow it up by rolling away before he can hit you.

When you interrupt his charge attack, he’ll pretty much strike you right away, so be prepared to roll after getting a couple attacks in. If he does hit you, back away a lot and heal up. Then use another spell on him to attack from afar.

You should keep your distance unless the boss is using his charge attack. This is the moment to strike. There are other times when he’s open for an attack — particularly right after he’s finished slashing with his sword. It can be risky to try to get a few hits in unless it’s when he’s charging, so play it safe and stick to mid ranged attacks.

While at mid range, he’ll likely zip towards you, which is easy to spot. Keep him at bay long enough for him to do the charge attack, then rush in for some easy hits. If you see his hand turn blue, back away as much as possible, as this will drain your Soul level.

Try to always heal up as soon as you can. He can unleash a flurry of attacks that can take you out before you realize what happened, so don’t go into engagements with low health. Also, if you want to be more aggressive, we advise to perform one-handed attacks while your shield is out. Doing so will allow you to learn his patterns a bit more, while protecting yourself from many of his deadly blows.

Your goal throughout this fight should be to play off what Old King Allant does. If you’re struggling, have him take the lead and react to his movements. He’s a boss that cannot easily be rushed and taken out quickly. You have to watch him and attack at certain moments if you want to make it out alive. If you managed to get your hands on the Firestorm spell, you’ll be in good shape against this boss, though if your character isn’t spec’d to use it, you’ll need to rely on staying at mid range and only striking during his charge up move.


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