Demon’s Souls PS5 Maneater Boss Guide – Can You Still Cheese?

Let’s be real here. A huge portion of Demon’s Souls PS3 players got past the Maneater boss by cheesing it. In the original, you could shoot the Maneater through the fog with arrows, making it super easy to get through the fight. In the PS5 remake, that’s been fixed, which means you have to face off against this boss legitimately. There isn’t a cheese strategy that we know of, but we do have a tactic that works fairly well against this creature. Here’s how to defeat the Maneater boss in Demon’s Souls.

Strike After Its Lunge

Your goal during the first phase is to take out the first Maneater as quickly as you can. That’s right, we said “the first.” After you’ve damaged it enough (or after 100 seconds) a second Maneater will join. As if facing the first one wasn’t challenging enough.

The Maneater has a few distinct attacks, one of which is a powerful lunge. It can cover large distances with this move, but after it does, it’s open to be attacked. Wait for it to go down on all fours, then move out of the way to avoid the lunge. Immediately run behind it afterwards, and get in a few two-handed attacks. If you’re lucky, it’ll lunge again and you can repeat the process.

During our run, the first Maneater got caught in a loop of lunging right by the fog gate, making it easy to get in lots of attacks before the second Maneater spawned. This probably won’t happen exactly the way you’d like, but do your best to stay by the columns close to the fog so the boss will continue lunging.

Eventually, it’ll fly away, so take the time to heal and use ranged attacks on it if you have any. Try to keep your eye on it as it flies away so you don’t get caught by surprise when it comes back. It’ll then land and be open for more attacks, so strike it as much as you can and wait for its next move. If it gets ready to lunge, dodge away and then run up behind it to attack some more.

You should do your best to stick behind it so you don’t get hit with its punches. You also need to watch out for its long range projectile magic attacks that do serious damage. If you stick behind it, these won’t hit you. Keep attacking from behind, while taking advantage of its lunge attack.

The Second Maneater

Eventually, its buddy will join in, so hopefully the first Maneater is either dead or close to it at this point. It’s way more dangerous to use the strategy described above when there are two Maneaters, so assuming the first one is low on health, stick back and fire projectiles at it to finish it off. You can then focus on the second one and you can take your time while doing so.

If you don’t have projectiles, make your way over to the fire-bowl in the middle of the boss arena and use it as cover while you carefully prioritize the first Maneater. You need to focus on that one so you don’t spend your time fighting two enemies at once.

After it’s down, keep using the fire-bowl as cover and only attack when it’s safe. You can go back to using the same strategy as before when you were fighting the first Maneater, but at this point, it’s best to play it safe.

Remember to watch out for its lunge attack, just like before, and get a few swings in after it strikes. When it flies away, be sure to watch it and pay attention to where it lands so you don’t get caught off guard.

It can still hit you through the flame-bowl, so try not to stand right up against it. Stand back just enough to avoid its attacks and only strike when you see an opportunity. If you have Poison Cloud, now’s a great time to use it.

Alternatively, you can utilize the Firestorm spell to take down both enemies with very little effort. You’ll need to trade the Dragon Demon’s Soul with Yuria, the Witch in exchange for the spell, but it’s worth it.


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