Demon’s Souls PS5 Maiden Astraea Guide – How to Beat Garl Vinland

Take Down Her Guard and She’ll Fall

Maiden Astraea is one of the saddest boss fights of Demon’s Souls due to the lore behind it. There are a couple ways to defeat her, one of which requires you to take out her guard, Garl Vinland. If you opt to use this strategy, the Maiden will kill herself after you’ve defeated her faithful bodyguard. Alternatively, you can go directly for her, but it’s much more dangerous. In this guide, we’ll show you how to easily take down Maiden Astraea in Demon’s Souls.

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Kill Her Guard, Garl Vinland

As soon as you start the fight, head to the left, past the Dreglings and you’ll eventually come to Garl Vinland. He’s blocking the safe path to the Maiden, so your only choice is to defeat him. He’s actually not too difficult, provided you know what to do. The one thing you should keep in mind is to avoid attacking him while his shield is up. If you do, he can parry you and kill you in one hit.

The strategy is to get close enough to bait him into attacking, roll away to avoid it, and then roll back towards him to get behind him. If done correctly, you can backstab him continuously until he’s dead. This can be finicky to execute properly, but at the very least you can get a few hits in.

You can also get close to make him attack, step away and then immediately hit him once or twice, right when his attack animation is over. It’s a slower process but it’s much safer than trying to get behind him. If you do get hit, back away and heal up. Vinland won’t chase after you, which is nice.

It’s recommended to avoid using projectiles since they don’t do much damage and Vinland blocks 99 percent of them anyway. Melee is the way to go here, so try to use whatever weapon you have that deals the highest amount of damage. Imbue it with an element for better results.

If you manage to get behind Vinland, he may start pushing you towards the bottom of the pit, close to where Maiden Astraea is. If he does, do not follow him into the pit, as you’ll catch the plague, which will quickly drain your health. Instead, approach him and shoot with a projectile to get him to focus on you again.

After you’ve defeated him, he’ll utter the words “Dearest Astraea…I have failed you.”

At this point, make sure you’ve got Widow’s Lotus on hand to negate the plague, and head down the ramp behind where Vinland stood. At the far end is the Maiden. Talk to her and she’ll express her discontent with what you just did and commit suicide. Pop one of your Widow’s Lotus at this time (if needed) and then interact with the Archstone to the left of the Maiden to warp back to base. And cry. A lot.


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