Demon’s Souls PS5 Fool’s Idol Boss Guide – How to Beat Fool’s Idol

Don’t Be Fooled By This Boss

As with most bosses in Demon’s Souls, preparation is key. The same can be said about taking down the Fool’s Idol boss, who can be deceitful in more ways than one. Her main gimmick is that she duplicates herself, making it tough to figure out which one is the true Fool’s Idol — hence the name. The boss deals high-damage magic attacks and the arena can also be tricky to navigate. Despite this, there’s a method you can use to defeat the Fool’s Idol without trouble.

Two Hands Are Better Than One

The key to this fight is to come equipped with a weapon such as the Dragon Longsword+1 or the Crescent Falchion+1. Both work well and if you two-hand them while attacking the boss, you’ll be able to take her down before the third time she teleports. Consult our Demon’s Souls tips and tricks guide here for the locations of each of the aforementioned weapons (Dragon Longsword+1 is found in 2-2, while the Crescent Falchion is located in 4-1).

If you don’t want to use those weapons, come equipped with something that has a high damage output. If possible, apply Pine Resin, Black Pine Resin, or any type of elemental enchantment to deal more damage. It might sound obvious to recommend having a powerful weapon, but knowing which ones can make a huge deal.

As soon as the fight starts, run up to the boss and make sure you approach her with full stamina (use Elixir to recover stamina faster if you have it). Then, swing away at her as much as you can before she teleports. If you’re lucky, you can take off around a third of her health before the first time she teleports.

Finding the Correct Fool

Once she teleports, the Fool’s Idol will spawn duplicates of herself, so take cover behind the pillars to get a safe vantage point. Your goal here is to find the real one and you can spot her by looking at the spell she casts. The real one will cast a larger Soul Ray, while the fake ones will use the basic Soul Arrow.

After you’ve found the right one, approach her with caution and get a few swings in. If you approach just after the fake duplicates use a spell, it’ll be safe to get in a few two-handed attacks in. Just don’t get greedy at this point because it’s easy to get bombarded with Soul Arrows.

You’ll want to keep moving as much as possible to avoid being frozen. The duplicates use a spell that makes a green sign appear on the ground and if you step on it, you’ll be unable to move for a short time.

If you want to play it extremely safe while attacking the boss use a shield while laying down one-handed attacks. Block when a Soul Arrow comes at you. Depending on the damage of your weapon, the boss will likely teleport again.

At this point, you’ll want to be very careful because the positioning of the duplicates can be tough to manage. If you get lucky, you’ll spot the real one right away, but if you need to figure it out, try rolling a little, while keeping your eyes peeled for the real Fool’s Idol. If you’re using the recommended weapons, you should only need to dish out one more set of attacks and she’ll go down.


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