Demon’s Souls PS5 Dragon God Boss Puzzle Walkthrough

More Of a Puzzle Than a Boss

In Demon’s Souls, the Dragon God boss appears right after you defeat the Flamelurker and thankfully, it’s a much easier fight than the one that came before it. In fact, this isn’t so much of a boss fight as it is a puzzle. Though, if you don’t know what to do, it can be tricky to take down this formidable beast. In this guide, we’ll show you how to defeat the Dragon God boss in Demon’s Souls.

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Watch Its Eyes

As soon as the fight begins, head down the tunnel ahead and make a right. Take cover behind the wall ahead and watch the dragon’s eyes. When they’re yellow, it means the boss doesn’t see you and isn’t attacking. If they’re red, you need to move out of the way immediately, as this indicates an incoming attack. You should also pay attention to the boss’ head.

What you need to do is follow the path to the right, all the way to a ballista, which you’ll use to shoot the Dragon God in the arm. However, there are some pieces of debris and rubble in the way, which you’ll need to slash to continue ahead.

Only move forward when the boss is looking the other way. If you run out of stamina or need to stop for some reason, make sure there’s a piece of wall or something to keep you out of view. If the dragon hits you, it’s pretty much a one hit kill, so don’t worry about wearing heavy armor or anything like that.

Ballistas For Days

Once you reach the first ballista, interact with it and it’ll damage the boss tremendously. At this point, you’ll need to do it one more time, but on the other side. Make your way downstairs and use the same tactic as above. Take cover, watch its eyes and head, and move forward when it’s safe.

You’ll need to destroy some debris along the way. Eventually, you’ll come to some stairs and at the top of them is the second ballista. You know what to do. After you’ve shot it, the boss will sort of go down, indicating it’s nearly dead. What you need to do at this point is run downstairs to its head, and attack its horn on its chin.

You can do so a number of ways: With Magic, bows, melee, or with any other items you may have. Do be cautious when attacking its horn, though. After a couple hits, the boss will swing its head back and slam it back down on the ground. We aren’t sure if this hurts you or not, so play it safe and back away when it moves its head back. After a few more hits, the boss will go down and you’ll be rewarded with the Dragon Demon’s Soul. You’ll use this to craft powerful spells like Firestorm, which we absolutely recommend.


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