Demon’s Souls PS5 Dirty Colossus Boss Walkthrough

A Dirty Strategy For a Dirty Boss

Ah, good old Dirty Colossus. This Demon’s Souls boss fight isn’t as disgusting as the one against Leechmonger, but it’s still pretty vile. The boss is covered in slime, spikes, and filth, hurling a cloud of insects at you, much like Leechmonger. It’s definitely a scary creature that can quickly take you out if you don’t know what to expect. In this guide, we’ll show you how to cheese through the boss to take as little damage as possible.

Take Cover Behind a Torch

That’s it. That’s the strategy. As soon as the fight starts, take cover behind the torch on the left and line yourself up in such a way that you can easily hit the boss with long ranged attacks. If positioned correctly, the torch will pretty much cover you from any and all attacks. It’s not 100% fool-proof, since popping out of cover can leave you open for attacks, but there’s a sweet spot where you can shoot arrows while avoiding the beast’s long ranged attacks.

If you do get hit with one of the insect clouds, heal up and reposition yourself behind cover. You can also run into the fire on the right side of the arena to burn the insects off (though this will damage you slightly, of course). From here, you can easily shoot magic or other ranged projectiles at Dirty Colossus. Spells like Soul Ray, Homing Soul Arrows, or anything fire-related work wonders against this boss. If you use Firestorm, you can beat Dirty Colossus in a couple hits, though it almost feels like cheating to do so.

The great thing about using the torch is that the boss won’t move past it. This means you’ll almost always be far enough away to avoid its melee attacks, meaning all you’ll have to worry about are those nasty insect clouds.

All Fired Up

A faster, more aggressive tactic you can use involves imbuing your weapon with fire and going to town on the boss. If you use something like the Dragon Longsword+1, you’ll have a much easier time, due to how weak the boss is to fire.

As with most bosses, stick behind it, give it a few whacks and be on the lookout for its large AOE blast. If you see the boss start to charge up, step back and wait for the blast to happen, then run back in to keep attacking. If you stay right behind it, the only attack it can hit you with is the AOE blast, which is easily telegraphed.

Just make sure you circle around with the boss so you don’t get caught in its sight. It has a deadly pound attack that you don’t want to get hit with. And if you’re having trouble, you can mix and match the two strategies listed above. Stay behind the torch to whittle down the boss’ health enough, and then run in to finish it off with a flame imbued weapon for a faster kill.