Demon’s Souls PS5 Armor Spider Boss Guide – How to Cheese the Armor Spider

Thanks to a useful cheese technique, the Armor Spider can be defeated effortlessly

The Armor Spider in Demon’s Souls is no joke. It can shoot you with fireballs that are hard to dodge, and web you up in the process — making it impossible to move. At first glance, it seems like nothing can stop this deadly foe. However, we’re a fan of cheesing bosses here, so we’ll let you in on an easy way to take down the Armor Spider, without even getting hit.

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Arrows, Arrows, and More Arrows

This fight is so unfair at times. As soon as you run in, you get bombarded with projectiles and then get webbed up so you can’t move. So, instead of dealing with the headache of trying to weave through its attacks, why not use a cheap tactic of your own?

To do so, take cover behind the dead body that’s webbed up on the wall, immediately to the left after you pass through the fog. If you position yourself correctly, the boss won’t be able to hit you and you can use this as an opportunity to continuously fire arrows at it.

If you used our Demon’s Souls tips guide here, you should already have access to the Compound Longbow. As a reminder, you can find this bow at the start of 4-1, just past the Vanguard mini-boss. Take the underground path behind the Vanguard, hit the illusory wall, and then take a right, all the way to what seems like a dead end atop some stairs. Hit one more illusory wall, and climb the tower to find the bow next to a Skeleton.

You can use any bow, but the Compound Longbow is fairly easy to obtain and deals high amounts of damage early on. We also advise you bring lots (and we mean LOTS) of arrows with you to take down the Armor Spider. When we attempted this fight, it took around 65 arrows to defeat it. To be safe, bring 100 with you, just in case.

Depending on the bow you have, this method will take a few minutes and is a sure-fire way to take down the boss with ease. Keep in mind, if you’re popping out from behind the webbed body too much, the boss can hit you with some webbing, which deals minimal damage, but this won’t be a big deal if you have a few healing items on you.

Do I Have to Cheese?

Of course, this boss is defeatable without cheesing. As soon as the fight starts, dodge between the triple fireball blast and carefully make your way up to it. Use a shield to block its attacks and as soon as the Armor Spider is finished striking, hit it in its pincers, which protrude from the front.

You’ll need a shield that has 100% physical resistance (or as close to it as possible). For the early stages of the game, you should use the Steel Shield, found in 2-1. Keep blocking its attacks, strike when you can, and heal as soon as the boss is finished striking.